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Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease

Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease
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Anul publicarii: 2023
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Covering the entire spectrum of this fast-changing field, Diagnostic Imaging:
Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease
, third edition, is an invaluable resource for
musculoskeletal radiologists, general radiologists, and trainees—anyone who
requires an easily accessible, highly visual reference in this complex area of
imaging. Drs. Kirkland W. Davis, Donna G. Blankenbaker, Stephanie A. Bernard, and
their team of highly regarded experts provide up-to-date information on recent
advances in technology and the understanding of musculoskeletal diseases
and disorders
 to help you make informed decisions at the point of care. The text
is lavishly illustrated, delineated, and referenced, making it a useful learning tool as
well as a handy reference for daily practice.


  • Guides readers through the complexities of the full range of non-traumatic musculoskeletal disorders, including arthritis, collagen vascular diseases, bone tumors, soft tissue tumors, infections, systemic diseases, developmental and congenital abnormalities, and metabolic diseases
  • Contains multiple new chapters on topics such as musculoskeletal genetics, neurinomas, and rapidly progressive osteoarthritis, among others, as well as updates throughout on reclassified lesions, tumors, and neoplasms; musculoskeletal infection details, including image-guided aspirations and biopsies for infections; and evolving medical and surgical treatments for many musculoskeletal conditions
  • Reflects recent changes in the World Health Organization’s classification of tumors and tumor-like conditions regarding terminology and diagnostic criteria
  • Covers evolving imaging techniques such as ultrasound in non-traumatic disease imaging, contrast-enhanced ultrasound use in tumor biopsies, enhanced MR of musculoskeletal tumors, and diffusion-weighted MR, and PET/CT and PET/MR use for rapidly progressive osteoarthritis
  • Provides up-to-date discussions of enhancements in bone and soft tissue tumor pathology and imaging of orthopedic implants and related hardware
  • Features more than 3, 750 annotated images (with an additional 2, 100+ digital-only examples), including radiologic images, full-color medical illustrations, clinical and histologic photographs, and gross pathology images
  • Uses bulleted, succinct text and highly templated chapters for quick comprehension of essential information at the point of care


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