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Drugs in Neurology

Drugs in Neurology
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Anul publicarii: 2017
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Part of the Drugs in series, this book provides an easily accessible pocket-sized guide to the use of medications when treating patients with neurological ailments. Drugs in Neurology covers the breadth of medications used in modern neurology, including each drug's indications, contra-indications, side-effects and important interactions. The underlying pharmacology also feature (where known). Practical aspects related to prescribing and therapeutic drug monitoring are covered and based on the most up-to-date evidence-based guidance. Each drug monograph contains a small section drawing on the wisdom of the senior contributors of each chapter with regards to using the medication.
Section 1: Clinical conditions
1: Headache, Ayesha Ejaz and Bal Athwal
2: Vertigo, David Ledingham, Sathiji Nageshwaran, and Diego Kaski
3: Epilepsy, David Ledingham and Philip N. Patsalos
4: Cerebrovascular disease, Philip Xiu, Aravindhan Baheerathan, and David Werring
5: Neuropathic pain, Peter Arthur-Farraj and Anthony Dickenson
6: Neuroinflammatory disorders of the CNS, Sam Shribman and Heather Wilson
7: Disorders of peripheral nerves and motor neuron disease, Sam Shribman and Heather Wilson
8: Disorders of muscle and neuromuscular junction, Sebastian M. Toescu and Chris Turner
9: Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonism, Sathiji Nageshwaran and Christos Proukakis
10: Hyperkinetic movement disorders, Sathiji Nageshwaran and Susan Perlman
11: Dementia, Sathiji Nageshwaran and Peter Garrard
12: Spasticity, Samuel Walker and Gerard Davies
13: Neuro-oncology, David Ledingham and Jeremy Rees
14: Sleep disorders, David Ledingham, Omar Abdel-Mannan, and Sofia Eriksson
15: Neurological infection, Heather Wilson, David Ledingham, Arjun Chandna, and Christopher P. Conlon
16: Metabolic disorders, Menelaos Pipis and Heather Wilson
17: Uro-neurology, Meher Lad and Jalesh N. Panicker
18: Drugs causing neurological disease, Sathiji Nageshwaran, Heather Wilson, and David Ledingham
Section 2: A-Z of neurological drugs


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