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Emergency Cardiology

Emergency Cardiology
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ISBN: 9780340974223
Anul publicarii: 2010
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 304


This fully revised and updated second edition of Emergency Cardiology offers highly practical advice on the diagnosis and management of acute cardiac conditions. Throughout the book the authors employ an evidence-based approach to clinical practice, and provide detailed guidance for day-to-day practice in a wider variety of settings – from the emergency department to intensive care and the cardiac ward.

- Provides essential advice for the rapid diagnosis and management of cardiac emergencies – both common and more rare.
- Includes evidence-based guidelines and the results of the most groundbreaking clinical trials
- Practical format pocket-sized format
- Authored by four cardiologists with extensive experience in the emergency setting

Emergency Cardiology, 2nd edition, is an essential purchase for junior doctors, emergency department staff, trainees in cardiology and specialist nurses.


A fully revised and updated new edition

Authored by a team of leading cardiologists with wide experience in the emergency setting

Practical pocket-sized format

Fully evidence-based, with lists of key papers for further reading

Use of tables and algorithms enables easy information retrieval, and appendices provide listings of drug regimens and laboratory values


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