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Empathy, Normalization and De-escalation Management of the Agitated Patient in Emergency and Critical Situations

Empathy, Normalization and De-escalation
Management of the Agitated Patient in Emergency and Critical Situations
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ISBN: 978-3-030-65105-3
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 147


  • Presents pragmatic, scientifically proven de-escalation techniques in a clear manner
  • Enables readers to improve their communication skills in emotionally critical situations
  • Edited and written by experts working in psychiatric intensive care units

This book describes theory and techniques of empathic communication, normalization and de-escalation procedures for the management of aggressive or violent patients in clinical critical settings'. Consisting of 9 chapters, it discusses in detail the self-regulation of empathy in potential dangerous interactions, as well as common mistakes and nonprofessional reactions. It also explores the basic concept of neurobiology of violence and aggression behaviour, such as brain circuitry and neuromodulators, and other rapid tranquillization guidelines. The final chapter focuses on the crucial topics of post-aggression debriefing. Based on the clinical experience of the editors and authors, who work in emergency psychiatry settings, the book offers practical key expressions to promote a normalization talk, to calm agitated individuals, and to prevent crises both for psychiatric patients and people without mental disorders.
It is a useful tool to help readers gain confidence as mediators in critical circumstances and will be of interest for a wide range of practitioners in healthcare settings, from psychiatrists and psychologists, to nurses and other healthcare workers.


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