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Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010, 32 volumes set

Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010, 32 volumes set
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ISBN: 9781593398378
Anul publicarii: 2011
Pagini: 32640
Format: 32 volumes


Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010 in 32 volumes !

Vast, Detailed, Correct. Written by more than 4,300 expert contributors, you can be confident that everything you learn from Encyclopadia Britannica is clear, current and correct. First published in 1768, Britannica continues to be the world's most renowned encyclopedia. Now, the new 32-volume revision builds on this expertise with an incredible wealth of knowledge that's easily accessible yet comprehensive - making it the first choice reference work for thousands of schools, universities, libraries and family homes. Newly updated for 2010. Stay current with the 2010 revised edition, updated with new articles, photographs and thousands of additions to existing topics: - World News - such as the historic Presidential election in the United States, other major political elections across the globe and the continued violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. - New Biographies - including US President Barack Obama, top-ranked professional tennis player and winner of a record 15 Grand Slam singles titles Roger Federer, and writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Doris Lessing. - Sporting Achievements - including Spain's 2008 European Football Championship win, South Africa's victory at the 2007 Rugby World Cup and all the results from the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing where Great Britain's medal performance was its best in a century. - Science News - such as the Nobel Peace Prizewinning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, extrasolar planets and updates on the Human Genome Project. The world at your fingertips. Whatever you're interested in, you can rely on Britannica to make it even more interesting. You get incredible insights into subjects you thought you knew, while world-renowned contributors and Nobel prize winners put fascinating facts about our world right at your fingertips. Forget old-fashioned, dry texts - Britannica's lively narration helps children and adults alike develop a love of learning! An exquisite investment that will last for generations. Wonderfully robustA" is how Head Librarian Mrs J. Perkins described the revised edition. Stunningly presented, every one of the 32 volumes is crafted to the highest possible standards so your encyclopedia not only looks wonderful, but stays in perfect condition for years and years to come. The Britannica 4-part learning system offers: - 2-volume Index - The key to unlocking Britannica's archive of information. More than 700,000 references take you to the pages you want quickly and easily. - 12-volume Ready Reference - Also known as the Micropadia, the ready reference gives you quick and concise answers, fascinating facts and acts as a gateway to Knowledge in Depth. - 17-volume Knowledge in Depth - Britannica at its scholarly best, the Macropadia is written by the world's leading authorities to give you a complete and compelling understanding of a - subject. - Outline of Knowledge - The Propadia is a guide to learning. Whatever subject you're interested in exploring, this volume suggests what to read and explains how it relates to other subjects. Whatever your interests, Britannica has the answers! From children to adults, students to professionals, from the committed researcher to the casual browser - everyone can get so much from Britannica's wealth of knowledge. Britannica enriches your research with marvellous detail, unrivalled accuracy and facts, figures and revelations that make it the first port of call for whatever you need to know. - From the world's leading brand for reliable and fact-checked information. - Entries by Nobel laureates, historians, curators, professors and other notable experts. - More than 65,000 articles. - More than 1,000 new and revised articles. - Gilt-edging along the top of every page.


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