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Encyclopedia of Mycology

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Mycology is a broad and multidisciplinary subject whose importance in an ecosystem is becoming more and more universally accepted; it has very close links to Botany, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Medicine.

The number of fungal species is not known yet, but it is estimated that there could be around one million. These organisms have a great impact on our society for many reasons. They are largely used in biotechnology, food industry and biocontrol, play important roles in the environment and can also act as pathogens.

Whilst there are many subject specific works available, from a multidisciplinary point of view it is difficult to find a reliable and updated source. Encyclopedia of Mycology is such unique, one-stop-shop covering every topic area of this exciting field, in two high-quality volumes.

  • Comprehensive: offers students and researchers a one-stop shop with access to a wealth of information on multiple subject areas currently only available in scattered or non-technical sources. Users can access up-to-date articles on all types of Fungi (from macroscopic to microscopic), their biology and the impact they have on the environment, biotechnology and medicine
  • Authoritative: led and authored by outstanding scientists in the field, this is a high-quality and reputable source of information over a range of disciplines
  • Educational and accessible: each chapter is written concisely to guide the reader though the topic. Articles are written in a practical and unified language, can be used for teaching but also serve navigated researchers and managers

Table of Contents

- Clinical Myology

- Environmental Mycology

- Fungal Biotechnology

- Macroscopic fungi and mushrooms

- Fungal Biology


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