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Epidemiology with R

Epidemiology with R
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ISBN: 9780198841326
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 256
Format: Hardback


  • Describes the application of R to the analysis of epidemiological data
  • Includes the modelling of both linear and non-linear effects and how to report them graphically
  • Provides a comprehensive description of techniques and analyses appropriate for both infectious and chronic/non-infectious disease epidemiology
  • R code available from the companion website, enabling readers to reproduce all the results and graphs featured in the book

This practical guide is designed for students and researchers with an existing knowledge of R who wish to learn how to apply it in an epidemiological context and exploit its versatility. It also serves as a broader introduction to the quantitative aspects of modern practical epidemiology. The standard tools used in epidemiology are described and the practical use of R for these is clearly explained and laid out. R code examples, many with output, are embedded throughout the text. The entire code is also available on the companion website so that readers can reproduce all the results and graphs featured in the book.

Epidemiology with R is an advanced textbook suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students, professional researchers, and practitioners in the fields of human and non-human epidemiology, public health, veterinary science, and biostatistics.


Table of Contents

1: Using R
2: Measures of disease occurrence
3: Prevalence data- models, likelihood and binomial regression
4: Regression models
5: Analysis of follow-up data
6: Parametrization and prediction of rates
7: Case-control and case-cohort studies
8: Survival analysis
9: Do not group quantitative variables


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