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ISBN: 978-1-119-43182-4
Anul publicarii: 2021
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 326
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


Designed to provide a comprehensive but accessible introduction to epilepsy and seizure disorders, Epilepsy, 2nd edition provides state-of-the-art information in a concise format useful to a wide audience, from neurology residents to epilepsy fellows and practitioners. This illustrated guide to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of epilepsy is a valuable resource enabling clinicians to stay on top of the latest recommendations for best practice


List of Contributors

I.             Epilepsy: Epidemiology, Diagnostic evaluation and Co-Morbidities (Greg Cascino)

Chapter 1.  Introduction and Epidemiology (Cascino)

Chapter 2.  Classification of Seizures and the Epilepsies (Wirrell)

Chapter 3.  Etiology and Pathology (Noe, Nickels)

Chapter 4.  Genetics of Epilepsy (Fine, Wong-Kisiel, Sheth)

Chapter 5.  Burden of Epilepsy (co-morbidities, driving, SUDEP, disability, psychiatry, IEPs, Quality Care in Epilepsy) (Crepeau, Cascino, Moore)

Chapter 6.  EEG and Epilepsy (include routine, scalp-recorded video-EEG, MEG) (Feyissa, Lagerlund, So)

Chapter 7.  Neuroimaging in Epilepsy (include CT, MRI, PET, SISCOM, fMRI) (So, Kotsenas, Watson, Brinkmann)

Chapter 8.   Diagnosing Epilepsy versus other Events- Non-epileptic spells (Drazkowski, Hoerth)

Chapter 9. Sleep disorders and epilepsy (St. Louis, Carvalho, Moore)

Epilepsy Journey # 1- Patient with a Genetic based epilepsy—what does this mean and how to counsel (Fine)

Epilepsy Journey # 2- Patient with Spells- Algorithm for Spell workup- Adult (older pt.) Burkholder

Epilepsy Journey # 3- Patient with Spells- Algorithm for Spell Workup- Kid (Nickels)

Epilepsy Journey #4- Transitioning from pediatric to adult epilepsy clinic (Cascino, Nickels)

II.            Epilepsy: Treatment of Epilepsy: Non-surgical therapy (Joe Sirven)

Chapter 10.         First seizure (Spritzer, Shin )

Chapter 11. Antiepileptic drug therapy (Britton)

Chapter 12. Women’s Issues in Epilepsy (Noe)

Chapter 13. Treating Children with Epilepsy AEDs (Sheth)

Chapter 14. Diet therapy (LGID, ketogenic diet) (Nickels, Wirrell)

Chapter 15. Autoimmune Epilepsy (evaluation and treatment) (Britton, Pittock, McKeon, Flanagan)

Chapter 16. Discontinuation of AED therapy (Britton)

Chapter 17. Investigational therapy and drug approval process in US (including Cannabidiol) (Cascino, Sirven)

Chapter 18. Devices to Monitor and Track your Epilepsy (Smart Watch, Embrace, etc.) (Crepeau)

Epilepsy Journey # 5. Seizure Emergencies (include status epilepticus, FIRES, NORSE, Seizure First Aid, and Seizure Clusters) (Feyissa, Hoerth, Payne)

Epilepsy Journey # 6—The First seizure- How to Evaluate and workup- Pediatric- (Williams)

Epilepsy Journey # 7—The First seizure—How to evaluate and workup- Adult (Sirven)

Epilepsy Journey # 8-- Treating Epilepsy Second seizure and Beyond—How to Choose a Drug- Analgorithm (Crepeau)

Epilepsy Journey # 9- Treating Status Epilepticus- An Algorithm (Hocker, Payne)

Epilepsy Journey # 10- Withdrawing an AED Drug in Adults- An Algorithm (Sirven)

Epilepsy Journey  # 11- Withdrawing an AED Drug in Kids- An Algorithm (Wirrell)

Epilepsy Journey  # 12 Withdrawal of ASDs after Epilepsy Surgery

Epilepsy Journey # 13- The Pregnant Patient- An algorithm (Noe)

III.           Epilepsy: Treatment of Epilepsy: Surgical management (Bill Tatum)

Chapter 19. Presurgical evaluation (candidate selection, phase 1, surgically remediable epilepsy syndromes)- (Burkholder, Meyer, Ritaccio, Shin) 

Chapter 20. Minimally Invasive epilepsy surgery (Electrocoagulation, Gamma Knife, Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy)-(Tatum, Grewal, Wharen)

Chapter 21. Intracranial EEG monitoring (electrode selection for iEEG, SEEG, ECoG)-(Van Gompel, Noe, Zimmerman)

Chapter 22. Surgical strategies (include cortical resection, lesionectomy, cortical stimulation and functional mapping, hemispherotomy)- (Marsh, Chaichana, Zimmerman, Quinones)

Chapter 23. Disconnection surgeries (epilepsy surgery in neonates/infants, corpus callosotomy, MST)- (Wirrell, Wong-Kisiel, Miller)

Chapter 24. Neuromodulation (VNS, DBS, RNS) Surgical Outcome (seizure-free, quality of life, AED therapy)-( Lundstrom,  Wharen, Tatum)

                     Chapter 25. Emerging surgical procedures in epilepsy -(Lundstrom, Worrell, Stead)

                     Chapter 26. Seizure Forecasting (Neurovista, iEEG, software algorithms)-(Brinkman,  Worrell)   

Epilepsy Journey # 14- The drug-resistant patient- presurgical evaluation and surgery-approach to the “skip” candidate (Feyissa, Burkholder)

Epilepsy Journey # 15- The drug-resistant patient and discordant presurgical evaluation- an algorithm for intracranial EEG—(Wong-Kisiel, So, Zimmerman)

Epilepsy Journey # 16- The drug-resistant patient who is not a candidate for resective surgery-an algorithm for neuromodulation (Ritaccio, Tatum)

Epilepsy Journey # 17 Pediatric patients and epilepsy surgery-an algorithm for treatment (Sheth, Miller, Wirrell)

IV.          Conclusion (all editors)


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