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Essential Chinese Medicine 4-Volume Set

Essential Chinese Medicine 4-Volume Set
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ISBN: 9789813239272
Anul publicarii: 2018
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Format: 4 volumes



Over the course of several thousand years, with a long history of continual development and enhancement, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has become a unique Chinese medical system with significant success in the field of healthcare, making great contributions to the well-being of mankind.

The Essential Chinese Medicine book series fulfills the mission of honouring life and promoting the health of family members and friends. This series develops and expands on the essence of TCM to advocate new concepts of health and wellness.

The editors-in-chief, Professor Zhang Bao Chun and Associate Professor Chen Yu Ting, have been involved in the teaching, research and clinical work of the TCM theoretical system for a long period of time. Both have not only mastered the ancient learning but have also blazed new trails. They have put forward assiduous efforts in the research and writing of materials, being the chief editors of several specialised academic publications and other teaching materials. This four-volume Essential Chinese Medicine series is the product of their extensive research.

  • Volume 1: Restoring Balance:
    • Antipyretic Herbs 清热药:
      • Herbs for Eliminating Toxic Heat 清热解毒药 
      • Herbs for Reducing Intense Internal Heat 清热泻火药 
      • Herbs for Heat-Clearing and Blood-Cooling 清热凉血药 
      • Herbs for Eliminating Heat and Dampness 清热燥湿药 
      • Herbs for Clearing Asthenic Heat 清虚热药 
    • Purgatives 泻下药:
      • Laxatives and Lubricants 润下药
      • Purgative Herbs 政下药
    • Dampness-Resolving Herbs 化湿药
    • Medicinal Cooking 药膳篇:
      • Antipyretic Herbs 清热药 
      • Purgatives 泻下药 
      • Dampness-Resolving Herbs 化湿药 
  • Volume 2: Health Tonics 药食进补:
    • What are Chinese Medicines (Zhong Yao 中药)? What is Meant by "Food and Medicine Originate from the Same Source"?
    • How are the Names of Chinese Medicines Derived?
    • Where are the Main Distribution Regions of Chinese Medicines in China?
    • What is Meant by Authentic Medicinal Materials (Daodi Yaocai 道地药材)?
    • Why Do Chinese Herbs Need to be Processed? What is the Significance of Processing?
    • What are Some Common Methods of Authenticating Chinese Medicines? How Do We Select Good Medicinal Materials?
    • Do You Know What is Meant by Four Properties and Five Flavours (Si Qi Wu Wei 四气五味), Meridian Tropism (Gui Jing 归经) and Ascending, Descending, Floating, Sinking (Sheng Jiang Fu Chen 升降浮沉)? 
    • What is the Compatibility of Chiese Medicines (Zhongyao Peiwu 中药配伍)? What is Meant by "Seven Emotions" (Qi Qing 七情 ) of Chinese Medicines?
    • Are Chinese Medicines Poisonous?
    • What are Herbal Incompatibility, 18 Incompatible Herbs (Shi Ba Fan 十八反) and 19 Herbs of Mutual Antagonism (Shi Jiu Wei 十九畏)?
    • What are Decoction (Tangji 汤剂), Herb Plaster (Gaoji 膏剂) and Pill (wanji 丸剂)? What is the Dosage or Preparation Form of Chinese Herb (Zhongyao Jixing 中药剂型) All About?
    • Do You Know the Method of Making Chinese Herbal Decoctions?
    • Do You Know the "Safe Dosages" to Take When Consuming Chinese Medicines?
    • Do You Know How to Preserve Chinese Medicines?
    • Is Medicinal Diet (Yaoshan 药膳) a Form of Medicine or Food? Can I Come Up with My Own Receipes for Medicated Diets?
  • Essence:
    • Qi Tonics 补气药 
    • Blood Tonics 补血药 
    • Yin Tonics 补阴药 
    • Yang Tonics 补阳药 
  • Volume 3: Improving Blood Circulation 活血止痛:
    • Blood-Activating Herbs 活血化瘀药:
      • Herbs for Relieving Pain 活血止痛药 
      • Herbs for Regulating Menstruation 活血调经药 
      • Herbs for Healing 活血疗伤药 
      • Herbs for Removing Blood Stasis 破血消癥药 
    • Hemostatic Herbs 止血;药:
      • Herbs for Blood-Cooling 凉血止血药 
      • Herbs for Clearing Blood Stasis 化瘀止血药 
      • Herbs for Warming the Meridians 温经止血药 
      • Herbs for Retarding Bleeding 收敛止血药 
    • Astringent Herbs 收涩;药:
      • Herbs for Reducing Perspiration 固表止汗药 
      • Herbs for Astringing Lungs and Intestines 敛肺涩肠药 
      • Herbs for Arresting Leukorrhagia and Reducing Urination 固精缩尿止带药 
    • Medicinal Cooking 药膳篇:
      • Blood-Activating Herbs 活血化瘀药药膳 
      • Hemostatic Herbs 止血药药膳 
      • Astringent Herbs 收涩药药膳 
  • Volume 4: Relieving Wind 祛风消肿:
    • Antirheumatic Herbs 祛风湿药:
      • Antirheumatic Herbs for Expelling Cold 祛风寒湿药 
      • Antirheumatic Herbs for Clearing Heart 祛风湿热药 
      • Antirheumatic Herbs for Strengthening Bones 祛风湿强筋骨药 
    • Diuretic Herbs 利水渗湿药:
      • Diuretic Herbs for Relieving Edema 利水消肿药 
      • Diuretic Herbs for Treating Strangurie 利水通淋药 
      • Diuretic Herbs for Relieving Jaundice 利湿退黄药 
    • Interior-Warming Herbs 湿里药
  • Medicinal Cooking 药膳篇:
    • Antirheumatic Herbs 祛风湿药药膳 
    • Diuretic Herbs 利水渗湿药药膳 
    • Interior-Warming 湿里药药膳



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