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Fisher's Contact Dermatitis

Fisher's Contact Dermatitis
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Anul publicarii: 2008
Ediția: 6
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Since its introduction in 1967, Alexander Fisher's Contact Dermatitis has been the one essential text for dermatologists who see patients with contact dermatitis. The sixth edition is written for the third time by Robert L. Rietschel and Joseph F. Fowler. An encyclopedic reference that discusses all aspects of contact dermatitis, the updated edition will feature a full color atlas section as well as color images for the first time. The 6th edition provides updates on the following sections: * Statistics and sources of rubber allergy * Allergy to plastic chemicals, especially epoxies and acrylics * Textile dyes and permanent press allergy * Photo dermatitis * Allergy to newer preservatives and other ingredients in skin and hair care products and cosmetics such as cocamidopropyl betaine, emulsifiers, methyldibromoglutaronitrile * Metal allergy especially gold, nickel, rare metal allergy and allergy to dental materials, cardiovascular and orthopedic implants * Allergic cheilitis * Oral lichen planus caused by metals, acrylics Table of contents 1: The Pathogenesis of Allergic Contact Hypersensitivity 2: Practical Aspects of Patch Testing 3: Predictive Testnig for Human Contact Dermatitis 4: Histology of Contact Dermatitits 5: The Role of Age, Sex, and Color of Skin and Atopic Status in Contact Dermatitis 6: Regional Contact Dermatitis 7: Noneczematous contact Dermatitis 8: Systemic Contact-Type Dermatitis 9: Reactions to Selected Mediciations and Medical Care 10: Medications from Plants 11: Antiseptics and Disinfectants 12: Reactions to Topical Antimicrobials 13: Antihistamine Dermatitis 14: Local Anesthetics and Topical Analgesics 15: Reactions to Topical Corticosteroids 16: Allergy to Preservatives and Vehicles in Cosmetics and Toiletries 17: Hand Dermatitis due to Contactants: Special Considerations 18: Textile and Shoe Dermatitis 19: Dermatitis from Medical Devices, Implants and Equipment 20: Fragrance Allergy 21: Allergic Sensitization to Plants 22: Photocontact Dermatitis 23: Paresthesia Due to Contactants 24: Occupational Dermatitis 25: Dermatitis due to Cutting Oils, solvents, Petrolatum and Coal-Tar Products 26: Dermatitis Due to Gasses and Propellants 27: Plastic (Synthetic Resin) Dermatitis 28: Contact Dermatitis from Food Additives and Dyes 29: Allergy to Rubber 30: Allergy to Gums, Rosin and Natural Resins 31: Contact Urticaria 32: Contact Dermatitis and Other Reactions to Metals 33: Contact Stomatitis and Cheilitis 34: Treatment of Contact Dermatitis 35: Specific Instructions for Patients with Common Contact Allergens Appendix


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