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Food and Nutrition What Everyone Needs to Know®

Food and Nutrition
What Everyone Needs to Know®
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ISBN: 9780190846633
Anul publicarii: 2019
Pagini: 320
Categoria: NUTRITION


  • Provides an overview of fundamental nutrition concepts relevant for health, weight, longevity, and disease prevention by explaining the roles of key nutrients, foods, and beverages
  • Tackles popular food and nutrition topics and buzzwords and debunks myths by examining the scientific evidence behind each and challenging readers to eschew junk and anti-science
  • Examines the relationship between humans, food, and the environment across time and space by considering how and what we eat, from our prehistoric Paleo days to the twenty-first century
  • Discusses contemporary food and nutrition problems affecting both people and planet, why they exist, and how they might be solved
  • Presents a rich framework for considering the inter-relationships between science, technology, and consumer that, together, shape what and how we eat
  • Highlights cutting-edge nutrition research illustrating how, when it comes to health-giving diets, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts — and one size doesn't fit all


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