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Forensic Neuropathology

Forensic Neuropathology
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Anul publicarii: 2005
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The field of neuropathology is often considered to be one of the most complex areas of pathology. General pathologists as well as forensic pathologists, neuropathologists and paediatric pathologists are frequently presented with complex forensic neuropathology issues, and significant advances in the understanding of head injury, as well as other brain pathology, have highlighted the importance of forensic neuropathology within the medico–legal setting. It is in this climate that Forensic Neuropathology comes into its own.

The internationally recognised editor and main author, Helen L. Whitwell, is Professor of Forensic Pathology at Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK, and works jointly as a forensic pathologist and as a neuropathologist. Her co-authors are selected from neuropathological, clinical and forensic practice in the UK and Europe. Forensic Neuropathology is written by experts for specialists and trainees alike and succeeds in addressing the concerns of the forensic pathologist and those of the neuropathologist by tackling the overlapping problems that arise during the postmortem examination and subsequent legal proceedings.

The book takes a practical approach and the text is complemented by a wide range of colour illustrations, demonstrating examples and techniques. Subjects covered include anatomy, traumatic brain injury, neurotoxicology and the legal issues that those working in this field need to consider, enabling the reader to make clear, confident decisions.

* Specifically focuses on forensic aspects of neuropathology
* Practical approach provides guidance as to differential diagnosis and pitfalls to avoid in day-to-day cases
* Highly illustrated with many colour photographs and diagrams
* Written by a specialist with considerable experience both as a forensic pathologist and as a neuropathologist
* All relevant topics covered in one volume - from anatomy to law, traumatic brain injury to neurotoxicology

Table of Contents:
Anatomy of the head and neck
Scalp, facial and gunshot injuries
Adult skull fractures
Intracranial haematomas: extradural and subdural
Subarachnoid haemorrhage and cerebro-vascular pathology
Contusional brain injury and intracerebral haemorrhage: traumatic and non-traumatic
Primary traumatic brain injury
Brain swelling and oedema, raised intracranial pressure, and the non-perfused brain
Spinal injuries
Difficult areas in forensic neuropathology: homicide, suicide or accident
Head injury in the child
Non-traumatic neurological conditions in medico–legal work
Alcohol, drugs and toxins
Clinical aspects of head injury
The role of the expert witness


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