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From Listening to Language Comprehensive Intervention to Maximize Learning for Children and Adults with Hearing Loss

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A unique resource for helping children and adults with hearing loss develop listening and spoken language as the foundation for cognition, literacy, and educational advancement

Substantial neurobiological evidence indicates hearing is the most effective sensory modality for developing spoken language and cognition. From Listening to Language: Comprehensive Intervention to Maximize Learning for Children and Adults with Hearing Loss, edited by renowned clinicians Jane R. Madell and Joan G. Hewitt, features contributions from a distinguished group of experts. The text focuses on evidence-based practice to maximize the learning potential of children with hearing loss by nurturing the auditory brain development necessary to help them learn to listen and talk, as well as helping adults build stronger listening skills.

Six sections and 22 chapters cover the spectrum of comprehensive listening and spoken language intervention for all age groups (including adults) and for the professionals working with them. Topics include literacy, executive function, bilingualism, dual diagnoses, educational support, changes in auditory access, red flags for auditory development, music therapy, telepractice, and intervention with adults. In-depth discussions of the stages of speech and language development for the diverse population of children with hearing loss assist new and experienced clinicians develop effective therapeutic and educational plans and encourage caregivers to become effective partners in their children's progress.

Key Features

  • Reader-friendly chapters with summaries, key points, pearls, and pitfalls facilitate learning
  • Case studies assist clinicians in applying chapter information
  • A wealth of LSL resources, assessments, charts, suggested readings, websites, and more provide the opportunity to expand knowledge
  • Videos offer examples of hearing evaluation of infants a


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