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Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience A Beginner's Guide

Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience
A Beginner's Guide
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Anul publicarii: 2019
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Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience: A Beginner's Guide, Second Edition, is a comprehensive, yet accessible, beginner’s guide on cognitive neuroscience. This text takes a distinctive, commonsense approach to help newcomers easily learn the basics of how the brain functions when we learn, act, feel, speak and socialize. This updated edition includes contents and features that are both academically rigorous and engaging, including a step-by-step introduction to the visible brain, colorful brain illustrations, and new chapters on emerging topics in cognition research, including emotion, sleep and disorders of consciousness, and discussions of novel findings that highlight cognitive neuroscience’s practical applications.

Written by two leading experts in the field and thoroughly updated, this book remains an indispensable introduction to the study of cognition.


  • Presents an easy-to-read introduction to mind-brain science based on a simple functional diagram linked to specific brain functions
  • Provides new, up-to-date, colorful brain images directly from research labs
  • Contains "In the News" boxes that describe the newest research and augment foundational content
  • Includes both a student and instructor website with basic terms and definitions, chapter guides, study questions, drawing exercises, downloadable lecture slides, test bank, flashcards, sample syllabi and links to multimedia resources

Table of Contents

1. A framework for mind and brain
2. The Brain
3. Observing the Brain
4. The Art of Seeing
5. Sound, Speech, and Music Perception
6. Language and Thought
7. Learning and Remembering
8. Attention and Consciousness
9. Decisions, Goals, and Actions
10. Humans are Social Beings
11. Feelings
12. Sleep and levels of consciousness
13. Disorders of Consciousness
14. Growing Up


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