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Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery

Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery
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ISBN: 978-0-7817-6118-5
Publishing Year: 2011
Pages: 448


Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery offers a thorough introduction to the surgical principles essential to good veterinary practice. With many high-quality pencil drawings and clinical photographs to complement the detailed descriptions, the book is a useful resource for building basic surgery skills. Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery is designed to provide a grounding in the foundations of veterinary surgical practice and an understanding of the practical application of surgical techniques.
Covering topics ranging from assessment and surgical pack preparation to aseptic technique and postoperative pain management, the book is a valuable reference for surgical procedure training in veterinary or veterinary technician schools, and serves as a refresher for veterinarians and technicians in practice.

1. Preoperative patient assessment.
2. Basic small animal anesthesia.
3. Asepsis in small animal surgery.
4. Antibiotic use in small animal surgery.
5. Basic surgical instruments.
6. Pack preparation for sterilization.
7. Operating room protocol.
8. Surgical attire.
9. Scrubbing, gowning, and gloving.
10. Surgical preparation and animal positioning.
11. Surgical draping.
12. Instrument handling.
13. Surgical knot tying.
14. Suture materials and basic suture patterns.
15. Basic wound healing and wound closure.
16. Surgical hemostasis.
17. Surgical tubes and drains.
18. Canine ovariohysterectomy.
19. Postoperative pain management.
20. Patient aftercare and follow-up


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