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Gatford and Phillips’ Drug Calculations

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ISBN: 9780702082542
Anul publicarii: 2023
Ediția: 10
Pagini: 234


This bestselling pocketbook makes calculating medicine easy. Now in its tenth edition, it has been revised as a practical guide to rapid and accurate drug calculations for all health professionals who prescribe, supply and administer medication.

Gatford’s Drugs Calculations supports the fundamental mathematical skills needed on the wards, then goes further to provide context and tips for application. With examples taken from everyday practice, readers will learn calculations for administering injections, tablets and mixtures, intravenous infusions, and safe dosages for children and the elderly.

Not only will this essential aid boost your healthcare numeracy and confidence, the skills you develop will ensure patient safety when calculating drugs for which you are responsible and accountable in future.

  • Case scenarios and practical examples bring drug calculations to life
  • Introduction to the forms of medications – solid, liquid, infused and paediatric – enhances reader knowledge
  • Covers medication administration concepts, mathematical formulas and pharmacokinetics related to calculating the bioavailability of medications
  • Safety messages and alerts ensure patient safety
  • ‘Super case’ follows patient through the lifespan to consolidate learning
  • Images and icons make the text easy to navigate
  • Quick-reference card to remind readers of essential formulae


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