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Getting Research Published: An A-Z of Publication Strategy

Getting Research Published: An A-Z of Publication Strategy
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ISBN: 9781785231384
Anul publicarii: 2016
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 188
Format: Paperback


  • Step-by-step guidance on developing a sound publication strategy
  • Helps researchers understand the publication process and avoid common pitfalls that often delay or prevent publication
  • Updated to include the latest Good Publication Practice guidelines (GPP3)
  • Recommended reading for the Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPPTM) exam
  • Will help all authors, whether new or experienced, to plan their publications effectively and maximize the likelihood of publication

The third edition of this popular and highly-regarded guide uncovers the ethics, conventions and often unwritten rules of publishing in peer-reviewed journals and at conferences. It provides clear direction on how to choose the right journal, avoid publication delays, resolve authorship disputes and many other problems associated with being published that pose challenges to new and experienced researchers alike.


The A to Z format is highly accessible to readers with different backgrounds and varying levels of publication experience, including students and healthcare professionals, medical researchers and individuals working in drug companies and communications agencies. It will be particularly valuable to anyone involved in planning publications.


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