Gomella's Neonatology
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Gomella's Neonatology

Gomella's Neonatology
Preț: 168,00 lei
189,00 lei (-11,11%)
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ISBN: 9781259644818
Anul publicarii: 2020
Ediția: 8
Pagini: 1472


The field’s most trusted and comprehensive pocket guide to treating common and rare problems in newborns
"A copy of this reference should be kept readily available in the newborn unit. It is a potent learning tool for NCU students." -- Family Medicine review of an earlier edition
A true essential for nearly three decades, this streamlined pocket reference provides logically organized, quickly retrievable information on basic and advanced management techniques for the neonate. Featuring a convenient outline approach that puts key information at reader’s fingertips, this quick reference covers everything clinicians need to know about on-call neonatal problems, procedures, diseases and disorders, and pharmacology.
• The most comprehensive drug formulary available in a neonatal handbook• 20 procedures are explained in a step-by-step manner• Full-color images of neonatal rashes and dermatologic problems• Immunization tables• An "On Call" section presenting more than common and serious patient management issues with guidelines for rapid diagnosis and treatment• Cutting-edge strategies for management of specific respiratory syndromes• Valuable appendices, including Abbreviations Used in Neonatology, Blood Pressure Determinations, Isolation Guidelines, and more

I. Antepartum, Intrapartum, Delivery, and Transport Management

II. Basic Management

III. Advanced Management

IV. Procedures

V. On-Call Problems

VI. Diseases and Disorders

VII. Neonatal Pharmacology



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