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Gynecological Ultrasound Scanning Tips and Tricks

Gynecological Ultrasound Scanning
Tips and Tricks
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ISBN: 9781316645178
Publishing Year: 2020


This practical guide covers all aspects of gynaecological ultrasound, focusing on good technique, the ultrasound machine and reporting. Written by experts with a strong reputation for training in the field, this book takes a 'tips and tricks' approach. Chapters cover topics such as equipment familiarization, principles of transvaginal ultrasound, the awkward uterus, the difficult ovary, and ART-related procedures. The authors discuss the use of both basic ultrasound and 3D machines, and provide tips on how to optimize the image and gain useful clinical information even in the most challenging of assessments. With a multitude of images included to train the eye to identify normal anatomy and common pathologies, chapter summary boxes and case-based examples also provide an easy reference for assessing conditions and lesions. This book will greatly improve the scanning technique of trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology, sonographers, reproductive medicine practitioners, and gynaecologists of any level.

  • Includes examination tips to encourage a systematic scanning technique
  • Presents a comprehensive coverage of the ultrasound machine which allows practitioners to maximize the usage of the machine in their clinical practice, irrespective of whether it is a basic ultrasound or 3D machine
  • Provides detailed description of the technical abilities of the operator which ensures that professionals of any level will be able to improve their clinical practice

Table of Contents

List of contributors
1. Get to know your machine and scanning environment Kamal Ojha
2. Baseline sonographic assessment of the female pelvis Lukasz Polanski and Kanna Jayaprakasan
3. Difficult gynaecological ultrasound examination Kamal Ojha
4. Sonographic assessment of uterine fibroids and adenomyosis Francisco Sellers López, Belén Moliner Renau and Rafael Bernabeu Pérez
5. Sonographic assessment of congenital uterine anomalies Sotirios H. Saravelos and Tin-Chiu Li
6. Sonographic assessment of endometrial pathology Thierry Van den Bosch
7. Sonographic assessment of polycystic ovaries Taek Elshamy and Kanna Jayaprakasan
8. Sonographic assessment of ovarian cysts and masses Shama Puri
9. Sonographic assessment of pelvic endometriosis Tom Holland
10. Sonographic assessment of fallopian tubes and tubal pathologies Sonal Panchal and Chaitanya Nagori
11. Role of ultrasound in assisted reproductive treatment Lukasz Polanski, Mamta Deenadayal and Aarti Deenadayal Tolani
12. Operative ultrasound in gynaecology Kanna Jayaprakasan and Uchechukwu N. Ijeneme
13. Sonographic assessment of complications related to assisted reproductive techniques Miriam Baumgarten and Lukasz Polanski
14. Sonographic assessment of early pregnancy Anita Jeyaraj
15. Tips and tricks when using ultrasound in a contraception clinic Sheila Radhakrishnan and Shilpa Kolhe
16. Doppler ultrasound in gynaecology Ligita Jokubkiene, Victor P. Campos, Walter C. Borges and Wellington P. Martins


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