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Hamilton Bailey's Physical Signs: Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery

Hamilton Bailey's Physical Signs: Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery
ISBN: 9781444169188
Anul publicarii: 2016
Ediția: 19
Pagini: 692
Format: Book+ eBook
Categoria: SURGERY
Preț: 294,00 lei
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  • Highly accessible for both the undergraduate and surgical trainee - improved presentation of examination details and physical signs and new text features including chapter summaries, clinical cases and special interest boxes
  • Unrivalled selection of over 1400 illustrations - expose the student to a wide range of common and less common diseases that they will be unlikely to encounter in limited clinical sessions, but may nonetheless be examined upon
  • System-based content - mirrors structure of 26th edition of Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery, re-establishing the link between these two seminal surgical textbooks
  • Expanded and international editorial team - ensuring the content reflects appropriately that of all readers across all markets


It is approaching a century since the first edition of Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery was first published, authored by the pioneering surgical teacher Hamilton Bailey. That it has survived is testimony to the continuing need for those learning surgery to be able to elicit physical signs in the patient and to understanding their meaning and significance.

The fully-revised nineteenth edition has been brought completely up to date reflecting current surgical practice in both the developed and developing nations, while preserving Hamilton Bailey's original message regarding the importance of physical signs in clinical surgery. It will continue to provide medical students and postgraduates embarking upon a surgical career with an invaluable and immediate source of distilled wisdom and knowledge, set in the context of current surgical practice around the world.


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