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Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology

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With chapters from experienced and internationally renowned contributors holding positions in research, industry, and clinical practice, this is the fifth edition of what has become the standard reference for cosmetic scientists and dermatologists seeking the latest innovations and technology for the formulation, design, testing, use, and production of cosmetic products for the skin. *Offers in-depth analysis of specific topics in cosmetic science and research *Presents the latest in international research and its translation to practice *Gives an indispensable guide to a hotly competitive area for research and practice

Biophysical characteristics of skin: Relation to skin of color, age, gender, and site,
Torunn E. Sivesind and Howard I. Maibach, 2.) Skin Moisturization, Tetsuji Hirao, 3.) Skin pH and buffering capacity, Jacquelyn Levin, Marjan Koosha Johnson, and Howard I. Maibach, 4.)Skin ceramides, Yoshikazu Uchida, 5.)Sensitive skin: Sensory, clinical, and physiological factor, Miranda A. Farage, 6.)New developments in understanding of sensitive skin, Enzo Berardesca and Norma Cameli, 7.)The role of neuromediators in skin conditions, Cezary Skobowiat, Radomir M. Slominski, and Andrzej T. Slominski 8.) Contact Dermatitis: Principles, mechanisms, and allergies related to cosmetics, Kayoko Matsunaga, Setsuya Aiba, and An E. Goossens. 9.) Race as a possible endogenous factor in Irritant Contact Dermatitis: Comparing the irritant response among White, Black, and Asian individuals, Joanna I. Silverman, Christopher R. Fortenbach, Andrew Rong, Bobeck S. Modjtahedi, Sara P. Modjtahedi, and Howard I. Maibach, 10.) Skin aging: Physical and physiological changes, Tomonobu Ezure, 11.) Skin aging: Impact of smoking and air pollution, Akimichi Morita, 12.)Skin barrier and transepidermal water loss (TEWL): A critical overview, Bob Imhof, 13.) Skin lipid organization by electron paramagnetic resonance, Kouichi Nakagawa, 14.) Determination of skin color in relation to ethnicity, gender, age, site, and environmental factors: An overview, Megha Rajput and Howard I. Maibach, 15.) Ultraviolet imaging of skin and cosmetics, Jonathan M Crowther, 16.) Tribology of skin, Alexis Carrington, Rasiq Zackria, and Raja K. Sivamani 17.)Formation and performance of cosmetic films in cosmetics, Gustavo S. Luengo, Hy S. Bui, and Julien Portal, 18.)Sensitive skin testing, Laurent Misery, 19.)Neurophysiological responses and cosmetics, Yoshimune Nonomura, 20.)Noninvasive clinical assessment of skin inflammation, Dorra Bouazzi, Mattias AS Henning, and Gregor BE Jemec, 21.) Validated alternative methods available for human Health and Safety assessment of cosmetic products and their ingredients in the European Union, Vera Rogiers, Anouck Thienpont, Mona Delagrange, Birgit Mertens, and Tamara Vanhaecke, 22.) Pre-clinical human skin models for cosmetic efficacy testing, Alain Mavon, Christina Österlund, Ia Khmaladze, and Sandra Smiljanic, 23.) Skin cleansing: New trends, Takaya Sakai and Mariko Kagaya, 24.)Removal methods and evaluation of makeup cosmetics, Nattaya Lourith and Mayuree Kanlayavattanakul, 25.) Hydrating substances, Marie Lodén and Jari Alander, 26.) Skin care occlusive ingredients: Predicting occlusion’s effects using partition coefficients, Vanden Lamar Grube, Farhaan Hafeez, and Howard I. Maibach 27.) Antioxidant technology in skin care, Roger L. McMullen and Konstantina Tzialla, 28.) Sunscreens and sun protection, Uli Osterwalder and Carl D’Ruiz, 29.)Pollution-induced oxidative stress in skin and related potential antioxidant protection Laurent Marrot and Stephanie Nouveau, 30.) New perspectives in the control of the skin aging process, Márcio Lorencini (I. M.), Israel H. S. Feferman, Carla Abdo Brohem, Desirée Cigaran Schuck, and Howard I. Maibach, 31.) Epigenetics and cosmetics Juliana Lott Carvalho, Marco Antônio Marques Pretti, Caroline Pires Poubel, Lear E. Brace, Carolina Reis de Oliveira, Alessandra Zonari, and Mariana Boroni, 32.) Skin lightening agents, Kimberly A. Huerth, Ginette Okoye, and Valerie D. Callender, 33.) Baby care products, Susanna Brink, Marty O. Visscher, Andrew N. Carr, Vera Rogiers, and Kristien De Paepe, 34.) Skin care products: Artificial tanning, Stanley B. Levy, 35.) Skin restoration products after cosmetic procedures, Gila Isman Nelkenbaum and Ethel Tur 36.) Skin surface pH and its implication in skin health, Rafal M. Pielak and Howard I. Maibach, 37.) Formulating Cosmetic Products, Howard Epstein, 38.) Silicones in cosmetics, Marc Eeman and Isabelle Van Reeth, 39.) Plants, plant products, and indigenous practices in cosmetics and skin care, Venkatachari Seshadri, Ethirajan Sukumar, and Soosaimanickam Maria Packiam, 40.) Aquatic environmental impact of cosmetics, Elisa de Castro Wille Nonino, Júlia Beatriz Vaz de Oliveira, Luísa Panek Marques, Andrezza D. P. Micali Canavez, Natalia De Albuquerque Vita, Desiree C. Schuck, Viviana S. Costa Gagosian, Daniela Morais Leme, and Marcio Lorencini (I. M.) 41.) Regulatory trends in Cosmetic Dermatology: Europe Birgit Huber and Jens Burfeindt 42.) Regulatory trends in Cosmetic Dermatology: Singapore
Leong Uung Ling and Celine Valeria Liew, 43.)Standardization: ISO and cosmetics
Mojdeh Rowshan Tabari and Uli Osterwalder, Index


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