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Handbook of Direct Immunofluorescence

Handbook of Direct Immunofluorescence
ISBN: 9781907816901
Anul publicarii: 2018
Pagini: 192
Categoria: PATHOLOGY
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Immunofluorescence is a key diagnostic tool in dermatopathology, and essential in the diagnosis of connective tissue diseases, vasculitis and other cutaneous disorders. The need to interpret the results of immunofluorescence testing, and correlate these with histopathological results, is a key skill required not just of dermatopathologists but also, increasingly, of dermatologists who either read the slides themselves or use a pathology lab or academic referral centre.

Handbook of Direct Immunofluorescence covers not only day-to-day findings but also less common patterns and rarities, and gives information on important diagnostic pitfalls. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific disease and is introduced by concise text that describes the clinical presentation and pathogenesis: then, multiple images show the range of histopathological and immunofluorescence findings associated with the disease in question.

Key points

  • Practical, clinically oriented coverage provides invaluable resource for dermato-, oral and general pathologists, as well as dermatologists
  • Includes invaluable information on technical aspects (specimen procurement, transportation, etc) as well as guidance on interpreting histopathological and immunofluorescence findings
  • Pattern-based approach serves as logical framework for reaching a diagnosis, as well as understanding when to order additional tests and how to recognise nonspecific findings


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