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Handbook of Epigenetics, The New Molecular and Medical Genetics

Handbook of Epigenetics, The New Molecular and Medical Genetics
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Anul publicarii: 2017
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Handbook of Epigenetics: The New Molecular and Medical Genetics, Second Edition,provides a comprehensive analysis of epigenetics, from basic biology, to clinical application. Epigenetics is considered by many to be the new genetics in that many biological phenomena are controlled, not through gene mutations, but rather through reversible and heritable epigenetic processes. These epigenetic processes range from DNA methylation to prions. The biological processes impacted by epigenetics are vast and encompass effects in lower organisms and humans that include tissue and organ regeneration, X-chromosome inactivation, stem cell differentiation, genomic imprinting, and aging.

The first edition of this important work received excellent reviews; the second edition continues its comprehensive coverage adding more current research and new topics based on customer and reader reviews, including new discoveries, approved therapeutics, and clinical trials. From molecular mechanisms and epigenetic technology, to discoveries in human disease and clinical epigenetics, the nature and applications of the science is presented for those with interests ranging from the fundamental basis of epigenetics, to therapeutic interventions for epigenetic-based disorders.

Key Features

  • Timely and comprehensive collection of fully up-to-date reviews on epigenetics that are organized into one volume and written by leading figures in the field
  • Covers the latest advances in many different areas of epigenetics, ranging from basic aspects, to technologies, to clinical medicine
  • Written at a verbal and technical level that can be understood by scientists and college students
  • Updated to include new epigenetic discoveries, newly approved therapeutics, and clinical trials


Researchers working in genetics, biology, molecular biology, pharmaceutical science, and clinical therapy; advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, university researchers, pharmaceutical company and biotechnology researchers interested in drug development and therapies

Table of Contents

1.  An Overview of Epigenetics

SECTION I:  Molecular Mechanisms of Epigenetics
2.  Mechanisms of DNA Methylation 
3.  Molecular Mechanisms of Histone Modification
4.  The Epigenetics of Non-coding RNA

SECTION II:  Additional Epigenetic Processes
5.  Prions in Epigenetic Inheritance
6.  Chromosomal Position Effects
7.  Polycomb-group Proteins and Epigenetics

SECTION III:  Epigenetic Technology
8.  Analyses of Gene-specific DNA Methylation
9.  Methods for Assessing Genome-wide DNA Methylation
10.  Determination of Histone Modifications of Specific Genes
11.  Analyses of Genome-wide Histone Modifications
12.  Techniques for Genome-wide Expression of Non-coding RNA
13.  Computational Epigenetics

SECTION IV:  Model Organisms of Epigenetics
14.  Epigenetics of Lower Organisms
15.  Drosophila Epigenetics
16.  Models of Mouse Epigenetic Inheritance
17.  Plant Epigenetics

SECTION V:  Metabolism and Epigenetics 
18.  Metabolic Effects on DNA Methylation
19.  Metabolism and Chromatin Dynamics

SECTION VI:  Functions of Epigenetics
20.  Epigenetics, Stem Cells and Cellular Differentiation
21.  Regeneration Epigenetics
22.  Epigenetics of X-chromosome Inactivation
23.  Genomic Imprinting
24.  Epigenetics of Memory Processes
25.  Transgenerational Epigenetics
26.  Aging Epigenetics

SECTION VII:  Evolutionary Epigenetics
27.  Evolution of Epigenetic Mechanisms
28.  Adaptive Evolution and Epigenetics

SECTION VIII:  Epigenetic Epidemiology
29.  The Effects of Diet on Epigenetic Processes
30.  Environmental Agents and Epigenetic Effects 
31.  Impact of Infective Agents on the Epigenome
32.  Population Pharmacoepigenomics

SECTION IX:  Epigenetics and Human Disease
33.  Cancer Epigenetics
34.  The Role of Epigenetics in Immune Disorders
35.  Epigenetics of Brain Disorders
36.  The Epigenetics of Metabolic Diseases
37.  Imprinting Defects in Humans

SECTION X:  Epigenetic Therapy
38.  DNA Demethylating Agents in Clinical Medicine
39.  Clinical Applications of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
40.  Combination Epigenetic Therapy

SECTION XI:  The Future of Epigenetics
41.  New Directions for Epigenetic Research


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