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Handbook of Nutrition in Kidney Disease

Handbook of Nutrition in Kidney Disease
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ISBN: 9780199470778
Anul publicarii: 2017
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In patients of chronic kidney disease, the management of malnutrition is a prime concern and yet an oft-neglected area. This handbook fills this gap, providing theoretical and practical approaches to handling nutritional requirements of kidney patients. It provides information for patients of renal disease on what to eat and how to eat such that it slows down the progression of the disease, and provides lucid scientific answers to 'why what not to eat'. The author addresses a spectrum of kidney diseases and their nutritional management in the context to western and Indian/South Asian diet patterns, with many sample diet charts. In the chapter on counseling 'what bothers patients the most', she touches the deepest concerns of kidney patients and talks about the ways to attend them. The chapters 'Myths about Kidney Disease' and 'Nephrotoxic Drugs' caution on malpractices and misconceptions. The assessment section will help the readers evaluate their knowledge of the content, while the final section gives an overview of the basic concepts and information about the renal system, nutrients, and metabolism.

This handbook will aid nephrologists, physicians, and dieticians in providing better care and managing cases of malnutrition in renal diseases efficiently.


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