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Handbook of Psychological Assessment

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The fourth edition of the Handbook of Psychological Assessment, provides scholarly overviews of the major areas of psychological assessment, including test development, psychometrics, technology of testing, and commonly used assessment measures. Psychological assessment is included for all ages, with new coverage encompassing ethnic minorities and the elderly. Assessment methodology discussed includes formal testing, interviewing, and observation of behavior. The handbook also discusses assessment of  personality and behavior, including intelligence, aptitude, interest, achievement, personality and psychopathology. New coverage includes  use of assessments in forensic applications.

  • Encompasses test development, psychometrics, and assessment measures
  • Covers assessment for all age groups
  • Includes formal testing, interviews, and behavioral observation as testing measures
  • Details assessments for intelligence, aptitude, achievement, personality, and psychopathology
  • New coverage of assessments used in forensic psychology
  • New coverage on assessments with ethnic minorities

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction
Chapter 1. Historical perspectives
Gerald Goldstein, Daniel N, Allen, John DeLuca
PART II. Psychometric Foundations
Chapter 2. How to develop an empirically based psychological test
Cecil Reynolds & Ron Livingston
Part III. Assessment of Intelligence
Chapter 3. Interpreting pediatric intelligence tests: a framework from evidence-based medicine
Andrew J. Freeman & Yen-Ling Chen
Chapter 4. The development, expansion, and future of the WAIS-IV as a cornerstone in comprehensive cognitive assessments
James A. Holdnack
Part IV. Achievement and Interest
Chapter 5. Aptitude and achievement testing
Lynda J. Katz & Franklin C. Brown
Chapter 6. Interest inventories
Jo-Ida C. Hansen
PART V. Neuropsychological Assessment 
Chapter 7. Sources of error and meaning in the pediatric neuropsychological evaluation
Michael D. Welier, W. Grant Willis & Mary Lynne Kennedy
Chapter 8. Adult comprehensive neuropsychological assessment
N. Allen & John DeLuca
Chapter 9. Assessment in sports: psychological and neuropsychological approaches
Ruben J. Echemendia, Frank M. Webbe, Victoria C. Merritt, Gabriela Gonzalez
Part VI. Interviewing
Chapter 10. Clinical interviewing
Daniel N. Allen & Megan L. Becker
Chapter 11.  Structured and Semi-structured interviews for children
Christopher A. Kearney, Andrew Freeman, Victoria Bacon
Chapter 12. Diagnostic and symptom interviews for adults
Daniel N. Allen & Megan Becker
Part VII. Personality Assessment
Chapter 13. Overview of multidimensional inventories of psychopathology with a focus on the MMPI-2
Carolyn  L. Williams, James N. Butcher, Jacob A. Paulsen
Chapter 14. The Rorschach
Philip Erdberg
Part VIII. Behavioral Assesment
Chapter 15. Behavioral assessment of children
Ross W. Greene, Thomas H. Ollendick
Chapter 16. Behavioral assessment of adults in clinical settings
Stephen N. Haynes, William H. O’Brien, Joseph Keawe’aimoku Kaholokula
Part IX. Special Topics and Applications
Chapter 17. Psychological assessment of the elderly
Chapter 18. Forensic psychology: practice issues
MacNeill Horton, Henry V. Soper
Chapter 19. Fairness in psychological testing
Zarui A. Melikyan, Anna V. Agranovich, Antonio E. Puente
Chapter 20. Technological developments in assessment
Robert L. Kane, Thomas D. Parsons


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