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Expert contributors drawn from the ranks of academia and industry have authored chapters in such areas as third-generation wireless, wireless sensor networks, RF power amplifiers, spread spectrum modulation, signal propagation, antennas, and other key subjects that engineers working in RF and wireless need to be familiar with. This is far more than just a tutorial or reference guide?it is a "guided tour" through the world of cutting-edge RF and wireless design, combining theory, applications, and philosophies behind the RF/wireless design process. The multiple and sometimes overlapping chapters reiterate and emphasize the fundamentals in the context of different types of wireless applications. Here are just a few benefits that readers will gain from reading this book: *A refresher and update of wireless principles and techniques. *Information about the latest (and forthcoming) RF and wireless circuits, products and systems. *Guidelines, approaches, and techniques to RF/wireless design. *Examples of typical applications with an emphasis on real-world situations including existing and forthcoming new components and integrated circuits. *Coverage of new and emerging wireless topics heretofore not widely covered in print (e.g. UWB, RFID, IR, etc.)

RF and wireless engineers, communications engineers, and EEs whose primary experience has been outside RF and wireless but now find themselves working on a project involving RF/wireless

Antennas for wireless systems; Wireless networking; if amplifiers; RF applications of phase-locked loops; RF power amplifiers; Spread-spectrum modulation techniques; Next-generation wireless systems; Wireless sensor networks; Ad hoc mobile networks; Wireless radio propagation; 3g cell phones overview (Wcdma and Cdma2000); Bluetooth - overview plus design issues; Zigbee, a simpler alternative to bluetooth; Magnetic induction wireless; Infrared wireless options, Irda and others; Radio frequency identification (RFid); ultra wideband (UWB); Wireless home networks; Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (Ofdm); Software defined radios (Sdr); Low noise amplifiers (Lna) - Rx front-ends; Digital satellite radio (Xm/Sirius); Software for design of comm systems; Wireless security; Digital signal processing (DSP) for communications; Digital Cmos in communications IC design; Frequency synthesizers - fractional N and direct digital synthesis (Dds); Broadband wireless systems (Lmds, Mmds); Optical wireless systems; Emi/Rfi/Emc issues in wireless design; Test equipment for wireless design; The future of paging


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