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High-Risk Pregnancy Management Options with Online Resource

High-Risk Pregnancy Management Options with Online Resource
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Continuing the tradition established in prior editions, this product answers the key questions that any clinician encounters with a high-risk pregnancy: what are the risks for the woman and/or the baby with this condition? How do I manage a pregnancy complicated by this condition? How do I perform this procedure (e. g. amniocentesis, cesarean section)? All the chapters are newly written or updated to reflect current, evidence-based management and changes in practice. The 'Normal Values' section, a hugely popular reference source, is included. Over half of the chapters have new authors. New chapters have also been added to keep the content up to date with modern developments. The comprehensive online resource expands functionality by providing links to key websites (e. g. National Clinical Guidelines), video recordings - especially of procedures - and additional images. All online content will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.
  • Table of Contents

    List of contributors
    Part I. Prepregnancy Problems:
    1. Constitutional and environmental factors leading to a high risk pregnancy
    2. Domestic violence in pregnancy
    3. Female genital mutilation and pregnancy
    4. Genetics, risks of recurrence, and genetic counselling
    Part II. Early Prenatal Problems:
    5. Bleeding and pain in early pregnancy
    6. Recurrent miscarriage
    7. Screening for fetal abnormality in the first and second trimesters
    8. Invasive procedures for prenatal diagnosis
    Part III. Late Prenatal – Fetal Problems:
    9. Prenatal fetal surveillance
    10. Fetal growth disorders
    11. Disorders of amniotic fluid
    12. Fetal Hemolytic disease
    13. Fetal thrombocytopenia
    14. Fetal cardiac arrhythmias
    15. Fetal cardiac abnormalities
    16. Fetal craniospinal and facial abnormalities
    17. Fetal genitourinary abnormalities
    18. Fetal gastrointestinal abnormalities
    19. Fetal skeletal abnormalities
    20. Fetal tumors
    21. Fetal Hydrops
    22. Fetal death
    Part IV. Problems Associated with Infection:
    23. Intrauterine infection, preterm parturition, and the fetal inflammatory response syndrome
    24. Hepatitis viruses in pregnancy
    25. Human immunodeficiency virus in pregnancy
    26. Rubella, measles, mumps, varicella, and parvovirus in pregnancy
    27. Cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, adenovirus, coxsackievirus, and human papillomavirus in pregnancy
    28. Parasitic infections in pregnancy
    29. Other infectious conditions in pregnancy
    Part V. Late Pregnancy – Maternal Problems:
    30. Substance misuse in pregnancy
    31. Medication in pregnancy
    32. Hypertension in pregnancy
    33. Cardiac disease in pregnancy
    34. Respiratory disease in pregnancy
    35. Anemia and white blood cell disorders in pregnancy
    36. Haematological malignancies in pregnancy
    37. Thrombocytopenia and bleeding disorders in pregnancy
    38. Disorders of coagulation in pregnancy
    39. Autoimmune disease in pregnancy
    40. Diabetes in pregnancy
    41. Thyroid disease in pregnancy
    42. Pituitary and adrenal disease in pregnancy
    43. Gastrointestinal and liver diseases in pregnancy
    44. Neurologic disorders in pregnancy
    45. Renal disorders in pregnancy
    46. Spine and joint disorders in pregnancy
    47. Skin disease in pregnancy
    48. Malignant disease in pregnancy
    49. Pregnancy after transplantation
    50. Trauma in pregnancy
    51. Mental health disorders in pregnancy
    Part VI. Late Prenatal – Obstetric Problems:
    52. Abdominal pain in pregnancy
    53. Nonmalignant gynecology in pregnancy
    54. Bleeding in late pregnancy
    55. Multiple pregnancy
    56. Threatened and actual preterm labour, including screening and mode of delivery
    57. Prelabor rupture of the membranes
    58. Breech presentation, unstable lie, malpresentation, and malpositions
    59. Prolonged pregnancy
    60. Induction of labor and termination of the previable pregnancy
    61. Dysfunctional labour
    62. Shoulder dystocia
    63. Fetal compromise in labour
    64. Neuraxial Analgesia and Anesthesia in obstetrics
    65. Perineal repair and pelvic floor injury
    66. Assisted vaginal delivery
    67. Delivery after previous caesarean section
    68. Caesarean section
    Part VII. Postnatal Problems:
    69. Postpartum hemorrhage and other problems of the third stage
    70. Puerperal problems
    71. Major obstetric haemorrhage (MOH) and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)
    72. Critical care in obstetrics
    73. Resuscitation and immediate care of the newborn
    Part VIII. Normal Values:
    74. Normal values in pregnancy.


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