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Histology From a Clinical Perspective

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Combining a complete histology atlas with a concise, clinically oriented text, Histology from a Clinical Perspective, 2nd Edition, integrates essential basic science information and related pathology to ensure mastery of fundamental histology topics and the confidence to apply concepts effectively in practice. Explanatory text in each chapter is paired with expanded figure legends in an innovative layout that presents light and electron micrographic images of a tissue, a diagrammatic representation of the same tissue, and an example of how the tissue may be modified by a pathologic process in abundant Clinical Correlations. Rich with clinical vignette USMEL-style review questions and additional self-assessment resources, this student-friendly approach reflects the most up-to-date clinical perspectives and instills the understanding and skills to excel in today’s clinical settings.    

  • New clinical-vignette USMLE-style questions prepare students for course and board exams.  
  • New From Histology to Pathology feature clarifies the impact of pathologic conditions on basic tissue structure with side-by-side comparisons. 
  • Detailed labels on the more than 1,300 illustrations and micrographs help you identify structures at a glance.   
  • Key Concepts sections and Chapter Summary tables streamline learning with quick access to essential chapter and section takeaways.  
  • More than 100 Clinical Correlations accompany examination of normal tissues and structures and visually reinforce relevant pathology.  

Additional digital feature:

  • Flash cards deliver engaging, interactive review of key structures and characteristics of cells, tissues, and organs.


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