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Human Parasitic Diseases A Diagnostic Atlas

Human Parasitic Diseases
A Diagnostic Atlas
Preț: 1365,00 lei
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ISBN: 9780891896777
Anul publicarii: 2020
Pagini: 688, 1500 illus.
Format: hardback
Categoria: PATHOLOGY


A must-have for parasite identification. Coverage is complete, including well-recognized species of parasites as well as information on those less commonly encountered. This complete expansion of the classic Atlas of Human Parasitology is the perfect reference to have at hand when you need to view the unknown and assimilate your findings into a clinical context.
  • Number of plates has nearly doubled from 110 (in 5th Edition Atlas) to 213 in the new book
  • 1, 500 images, including clinical and gross photos
  • Comprehensive information on over 100 parasites of humans
  • Illustrates parasites in feces, blood and lab preps, and also parasites in tissue sections where morphology can be the most challenging
  • Discusses where serology and molecular methods are useful (in conjunction with or in place of morphology)
  • Covers microanatomy of parasites as an aid to tissue diagnosis
  • Additional treatment of artifacts, and illustrates arthropods responsible for transmission
  • Incorporates illustrated keys for quick diagnosis of protozoa, helminth eggs, microfilariae and filariform larvae


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