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Human Physiology From Cells to Systems

Human Physiology From Cells to Systems
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HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, 7E, INTERNATIONAL EDITION, focuses on the mechanisms of body function from cells to systems and is organized around the central theme of homeostasis—how the body meets changing demands while maintaining the internal constancy necessary for all cells and organs to function. As an author, Lauralee Sherwood is known for the most up-to-date and accurate coverage as well as strong pedagogy making the text the most effective learning tool. Plus, the program offers a complete complement of media tools for learning and teaching. Additionally, this new edition has an entirely revised art program offering realistic and three-dimensional art as well as new flow diagrams. The new art program helps students visualize difficult concepts and processes for better understanding and mastery of concepts.

Homeostasis Theme. Students are drawn into each chapter''s content with a unique, easy-to-follow homeostatic model depicting the relationship among body systems.
Each model is accompanied by a brief introduction emphasizing how the system to be discussed in the chapter functionally fits into the body as a whole. Each chapter ends with Chapter in Perspective: Focus on Homeostasis. These Perspectives help students understand how the body system just discussed contributes to homeostasis.
Sherwood maintains students'' interest by continually demonstrating how what they are learning is worthwhile and applicable. Because many students in the course will go on to health-related careers, Sherwood makes frequent reference to pathophysiology and clinical physiology to show the content''s relevance to your students'' professional goals.
Concepts, Challenges, and Controversies boxes expose students to high-interest and relevant information on such diverse topics as environmental impact on the body, stem cell research, acupuncture, strokes, and more.
PowerLecture offers easy Lecture Prep. This tool puts all chapter lecture resources into a single PowerPoint tool. Each chapter''s lecture slides consist of resources organized by chapter, including: all chapter illustrations, diagrams and photos, bulleted points on key content, and all the animations. Plus PowerLecture offers the ability to edit the lecture slides, to present art in segments, to select and enlarge portions of a figure, to edit or remove labels or to present one label at a time. PowerLecture also includes other instructor resources such as Word files of the Instructor''s Manual and Test Bank and JoinIn questions for clicker presentations.
A Closer Look at Exercise Physiology boxes increase awareness of the importance of physical fitness and show physiological impacts of exercise. Examples include loss of muscle mass in space flight; importance of exercise to hypertension, osteoporosis, and diabetes; and anabolic steroid abuse and blood doping.

1. Introduction to Physiology and Homeostasis.
2. Cell Physiology.
3. The Plasma Membrane and Membrane Potential.
4. Principles of Neural and Hormonal Communication.
5. The Central Nervous System.
6. The Peripheral Nervous System: Afferent Division; Special Senses.
7. The Peripheral Nervous System: Efferent Division.
8. Muscle Physiology.
9. Cardiac Physiology.
10. The Blood Vessels and Blood Pressure.
11. The Blood.
12. Body Defenses.
13. The Respiratory System.
14. The Urinary System.
15. Fluid and Acid-Base Balance.
16. The Digestive System.
17. Energy Balance and Temperature Regulation.
18. Principles of Endocrinology; The Central Endocrine Glands.
19. The Peripheral Endocrine Glands.
20. The Reproductive System.
Appendix A. The Metric System.
Appendix B. A Review of Chemical Principles.
Appendix C. Storage, Replication, and Expression of Genetic Information.
Appendix D. Principles of Quantitative Reasoning.
Appendix E. Text References to Exercise Physiology.
Appendix F. Answers to End-of-Chapter Objective Questions, Quantitative Exercises, Points to Ponder, and Clinical Considerations.
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