In-Vitro Fertilization
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In-Vitro Fertilization

In-Vitro Fertilization
Price: 252,00 lei
283,50 lei (-11,11%)
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ISBN: 9781108441810
Publishing Year: 2020
Edition: 4


This extensively updated new edition provides an indispensable account of modern in-vitro fertilization practice, building upon the popularity of previous editions. The authors initially give a comprehensive review of the biology of human gametes and embryos, before outlining basic to advanced IVF techniques. New developments in practical techniques and understanding are discussed, including in-vitro maturation, vitrification, preservation of fertility for cancer patients, stem cell technology, preimplantation genetic testing, and the role of epigenetics and imprinting. The revised introduction also incorporates a 'refresher' study review of fundamental principles of cell and molecular biology, now updated with current knowledge of meiosis in human oocytes, embryo metabolism and basic principles of genome editing. With high-quality illustrations and extensive, up-to-date reading lists, it is a must-have textbook for trainee and practising embryologists, as well as clinicians who are interested in the scientific principles that underpin successful IVF.

  • Covers the content of established M. Sc. courses in Clinical Embryology and the curriculum for Embryology Certification in Europe, making it an ideal text for theoretical study and exam preparation
  • An extensive body of knowledge is covered in an easily readable format, with a complete list of up-to-date references and high-quality illustrations
  • A unique combination of scientific textbook and practical guide

Table of Contents

1. Review of cell and molecular biology
2. Endocrine control of reproduction: controlled ovarian hyperstimulation for ART
3. Gametes and gametogenesis
4. Sperm–oocyte interaction
5. First stages of development
6. Implantation and early stages of fetal development
7. Stem cell biology
8. The clinical in-vitro fertilization laboratory
9. Quality management in the IVF laboratory
10. Sperm and ART
11. Oocyte retrieval and embryo culture
12. Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos
13. Micromanipulation techniques
14. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
15. Epigenetics and assisted reproduction with John Huntriss


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