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Intelligence-Based Medicine Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in Clinical Medicine and Healthcare

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ISBN: 9780128233375
Anul publicarii: 2020
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Intelligence-Based Medicine: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Cognition in Clinical Medicine and Healthcare provides a multidisciplinary and comprehensive survey of artificial intelligence concepts and methodologies with real life applications in healthcare and medicine. Authored by a senior physician-data scientist, the book presents an intellectual and academic interface between the medical and the data science domains that is symmetric and balanced.
The content consists of basic concepts of artificial intelligence and its real-life applications in a myriad of medical areas as well as medical and surgical subspecialties. It brings section summaries to emphasize key concepts delineated in each section; mini-topics authored by world-renowned experts in the respective key areas for their personal perspective; and a compendium of practical resources, such as glossary, references, best articles, and top companies.
The goal of the book is to inspire clinicians to embrace the artificial intelligence methodologies as well as to educate data scientists about the medical ecosystem, in order to create a transformational paradigm for healthcare and medicine by using this emerging new technology.

  • Covers a wide range of relevant topics from cloud computing, intelligent agents, to deep reinforcement learning and internet of everything
  • Presents the concepts of artificial intelligence and its applications in an easy-to-understand format accessible to clinicians and data scientists
  • Discusses how artificial intelligence can be utilized in a myriad of subspecialties and imagined of the future
  • Delineates the necessary elements for successful implementation of artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare

Table of Contents

1. Artificial Intelligence: Basic Concepts
2. The Brain and Artificial Intelligence
3. Brief History of Artificial Intelligence
4. History of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
5. The Current Era of Artificial Intelligence
6. Deep Learning
7. Other Key Concepts
8. Current Concepts of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
9. Current Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
10. Focus on Selected Subspecialties
11. Problems and Potential Solutions


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