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International Encyclopedia of Public Health, Six-Volume Set Volume 1-6

International Encyclopedia of Public Health, Six-Volume Set Volume 1-6
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ISBN: 978-0-12-227225-7
Anul publicarii: 2008
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# Edited and written by a distinguished international group of editors and contributors
# Heavily illustrated and abundantly cross-referenced
# Via ScienceDirect platform, multimedia files will provide an enhanced online experience
# Includes 'Further Reading' lists at the end of each article
# A complete subject index contained in one volume
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An authoritative and comprehensive guide to the major issues, challenges, methods, and approaches of global public health. This encyclopedia will cover all dimensions of the field, from details of specific diseases to the organization of social insurance agencies. A significant percentage of the articles will cover public health aspects of diseases and conditions. Other articles will survey aging, diet, injuries, ethical and legal subjects in public health, measurement and modeling, consumerism, anthropology and sociology, economics, the history of public health, and global issues.


Advanced undergraduates and graduate students

Subject areas covered: Aging Anthropology/ Sociology At-Risk Populations Cancer Cardiovascular Child & Adolescent Health Consumerism/ Education/ Outreach Diet/ Obesity/ Physical Inactivity Economics/ Finance Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases Environmental / Occupational Epidemiology/ Demography Ethical and Legal Issues Global Issues Health Services Health Systems History of Public Health Infectious Diseases Injuries and Violence Malnutrition, Infections and Poverty Measurement and Modelling Neurological Disorders Parasitic Diseases Policy Psychology/ Psychiatry Respiratory Diseases Sensory, GI, and Other Sexual & Reproductive Health Tobacco / Alcohol / Drugs


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