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International GAAP 2012: Generally Accepted Accounting Practice under International Financial Reporting Standards

International GAAP 2012: Generally Accepted Accounting Practice under International Financial Reporting Standards
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ISBN: 978-1-1199-6245-8
Anul publicarii: 2012
Ediția: 2012
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International GAAP is the leading and most comprehensive guide to interpreting and implementing IFRS. For accountants and auditors globally, it delivers guidance in addressing IFRS issues as they occur, in addition to being an invaluable resource when preparing interim and annual accounts.
New for the 2012 Edition

Updated annually to reflect the new IASB standards and interpretations, and to deliver the latest guidance on the application of IFRS, International GAAP 2012 has been fully revised in order to:

Deal with all new and amended authoritative pronouncements, including the new standards on Consolidated Financial Statements (IFRS 10), Joint Arrangements (IFRS 11), Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities (IFRS 12) and Fair Value Measurement (IFRS 13) and revisions to standards including Financial Instruments (IFRS 9), Presentation of Financial Statements (IAS 1), Income Taxes (IAS 12), Employee Benefits (IAS 19), Separate Financial Statements (IAS 27) and Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures (IAS 28).
Explain the many initiatives that are currently being pursued by the IASB and IFRS Interpretations Committee and that will lead to changes in accounting requirements. In particular, projects on Revenue Recognition, Leases, Financial Statement Presentation, Financial Instruments and Insurance Contracts may all significantly change current accounting practices.
Provide insight and guidance on the interpretation and practical application of IFRS from a truly global perspective, based on the experience of the book's authors in dealing with recent day-to-day practical issues.
Present the sections relating to Financial Instruments and Insurance Contracts in a separate volume for ease of access.
The book will be published in three volumes with over 4,000 pages, consisting 53 chapters and numerous illustrative examples.


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