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Introducing the Core Demystifying the Body of an Athlete

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There is no more important area of the body for an athlete than the core.

It's the engine room, the place where power is generated and then distributed. Strength there makes life easier for shoulders and knees. It produces speed and explosiveness. Endurance and grit. Build the core and you have built the house.

The core is so important. So why has it remained such a medical mystery? This book will explain that.

Dr. William Meyers has become the nation's foremost authority on core health. Along with over 40 world renowned expert contributors, Dr. Meyers explains how the core functions, how to build the core's strength, and how to repair the core when it breaks down.

Through stories and anecdotes about his work with elite athletes, Dr. Meyers will give readers a thorough understanding of the body's most important contributor to physical success and its widespread influence on the human anatomy. Let's go inside the locker room, the operating room, and onto the field to trace the arc of a performer's journey from injury to repair to return.

- Dissects the events that led Dr. Meyers and his team of experts to their new appreciation of this anatomy
- Brings multiple world-renowned arthroscopists into the overall core picture, providing their perspectives on how the core works, with the pubic bone as "the sun" of the body's universe
- Offers insight into the many causes of pelvic pain, demonstrating why the term "sports hernia," should be banished forever
- Emphasizes the fact that a wide spectrum of professionals treat the core -- from traditional surgeons to alternative therapists
- Brings it all together and proposes a new future, and perhaps a new medical specialty, that is the core


"Strength, power, and endurance all flow from the core. This book, and the work Bill Meyers has done in the field, will bring good core health to the forefront and help everyone–elite athletes and others."
–Michael William Krzyzewski

"Even in baseball, injury patterns in the shoulder and elbow are related to core imbalance. This book has been needed for a long time… Bill has helped the idea of core strength become more popular, and this book could be what is needed to get it more attention."
–James Rheuben Andrews, MD


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