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Involuntary Movements Classification and Video Atlas

Involuntary Movements
Classification and Video Atlas
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ISBN: 9780190865047
Anul publicarii: 2020
Pagini: 216
Format: hardback
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


The neurologic subspecialty of Movement Disorders is complicated with many different entities, making the differential diagnosis difficult. One of the most important aspects of these different entities is their visual appearance. Still photographs do not give sufficient information, but videos like the ones included in this volume can provide dimension, context, and critical information. The variety of visual appearances is wide and seeing many videos is necessary to develop skill in making a diagnosis. Involuntary movements are even more complicated and the adage "seeing is believing" has never been more true. Despite this, few books include videos portraying involuntary movements.

Involuntary Movements: Classification and Video Atlas pairs descriptions of the clinical features of various involuntary movements with video depictions of the involuntary movements in action. In a unique approach, this book considers two aspects of the diagnosis of involuntary movements: the phenomenology - as depicted in approximately 200 video supplements - and the etiology. The book also discusses the current consensus on the classification, pathophysiology, and treatment of each involuntary movement.


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