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Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology

Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology
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Packaged with access to over 110 minutes of NEW videos that teach common lab skills

Welcome to the Ultimate Microbiology Laboratory Experience!

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For years, Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology has been the trusted resource for providing undergraduate students a solid foundation of microbiology laboratory skills. Now, the completely modernized Eleventh Edition represents a lab manual revolution built for today’s learners, focusing on the student’s experience in the lab. Access to over 100 minutes of 34 instructor-chosen, high-quality videos of actual students performing the most common lab skills, procedures, and techniques provides a seamless experience for the user. Within the manual, Sections and Exercises open with a list of relevant videos, and icons identify where students should refer to them to best prepare for each exercise. This encourages students to read, see, do, and connect with the material.

In addition to the integration of videos, other significant updates to the Eleventh Edition include the new, full-color, easy-to-navigate interior design, with images from the videos found throughout the manual. Labs have been expanded and reorganized into new sections, such as “Laboratory Safety,” “Population Growth” and “Immunology.” The all-new Laboratory Safety section emphasizes a “culture of safety” approach to the microbiology lab. Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology, Eleventh Edition is the perfect companion to any modern microbiology course.

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The Pommerville Microbiology Course Solution

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Features & Benefits

  • Every new lab manual is packaged with access to 110 minutes of NEW videos that teach common lab skills and are tied to the labs in the manual. Students clearly see how to work safely in the lab setting, how to swab cultures, how to perform biochemical tests, and many more valuable lab skills.
  • NEW - all labs have been expanded and reorganized to fit logically into new sections, with 99 exercises in total
  • Features NEW introductions for each section
  • Contains NEW full-color photos and micrograph examples
  • Updated with NEW exercises and assessments

Applicable Courses

Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology is the easy choice for any microbiology lab course.


Part  I  Laboratory Safety
Lab  1  Safety overview: Biohazards
Lab  2  Best practices in safety
Lab  3  Student safety contract
Part  II  Laboratory Techniques and Skills
Lab  4  Culture transfer techniques
Lab  5  Pure culture techniques
Lab  6  Pour plate technique
Lab  7  Solution Transfer
Lab  8  Serial Dilutions
Part  III  Microscopy
Lab  9  Parts of the microscope
Lab  10  Observation of prepared slides
Part  IV  Bacterial Staining Techniques
Lab  11  Preparation of a bacterial smear
Lab  12  Simple stain technique
Lab  13  The negative stain technique
Lab  14  The Gram stain technique
Lab  15  Bacterial structures – Spore stain
Lab  16  Bacterial structures – Capsule stain
Lab  17  Bacterial structures – Bacterial motility, A. Hanging drop B. Motility test agar technique
Part  V  Viruses and Eukaryotic Microorganisms 
Lab  18  The effect of bacteriophages on bacteria
Lab  19  Plaque formation 
Lab  20  Identification of bacteriophages from sewage
Lab  21  Fungi: Molds
Lab  22  Fungi: Yeasts
Lab  23  Protozoa and multicellular parasites
Part  VI  Control of Microorganisms
Lab  24  The effect of physical agents on bacteria: Heat tolerance
Lab  25  The effect of physical agents on bacteria: Ultraviolet light
Lab  26  The effect of physical agents on bacteria: Drying
Lab  27  The effect of physical agents on bacteria: Other physical agents, A. Incineration B. Osmotic pressure C. Cold temperature D. Autoclaving
Lab  28  The effect of chemical agents on bacteria: Antiseptics and disinfectants
Lab  29  The effect of chemical agents on bacteria: Metals
Lab  30  The effect of chemical agents on bacteria: Other chemical substances
Lab  31  Effect of lysozyme on bacteria
Lab  32  Evaluation of disinfectants and antiseptics: Effectiveness of disinfectants on inanimate objects
Lab  33  Effectiveness of disinfectants on hand washing and the skin surface
Lab  34  Mouthwashes and oral bacteria
Lab  35  The effect of antibiotics on bacteria
Part  VII  Measuring Population Growth
Lab  36  Estimating the number of bacterial cells in a population, • The Petroff-Hauser Chamber, • The Standard Plate Count 
Lab  37  Microbial growth: Analysis of a bacterial growth curve, • Bacterial growth dynamics, • Plotting a growth curve and determining the generation time
Part  VIII  Medical Microbiology 
Lab  38  The genus Mycobacterium: Colony and cellular morphology
Lab  39  The genus Mycobacterium: Acid-fast stain technique
Lab  40  The genus Mycobacterium: Cold acid-fast stain technique
Lab  41  The genus Streptococcus: Streptococci from the upper respiratory tract
Lab  42  The genus Streptococcus: Streptococci from the oral cavity
Lab  43  The genus Neisseria
Lab  44  The genus Staphylococcus: Isolation of Staphylococci
Lab  45  The genus Staphylococcus: Differentiation between Staphylococcal species
Lab  46  The enteric bacteria: Isolation of enteric bacteria
Lab  47  The enteric bacteria: Differentiation of enteric bacteria on TSI agar
Lab  48  The enteric bacteria: The IMViC series, A. Indole test B. Methyl red test C. Voges-Proskauer test D. Citrate test
Lab  49  The enteric bacteria: Rapid identification of enteric bacteria
Lab  50  The genus Bacillus
Lab  51  The genus Clostridium
Lab  52  The genus Lactobacillus: Isolation of Lactobacilli 
Lab  53  The genus Lactobacillus: Caries susceptibility test
Part  IX  Identification of a Bacterial Unknown 
Lab  54  Bacterial structural characteristics
Lab  55  Bacterial culture characteristics
Lab  56  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: Carbohydrate fermentation
Lab  57  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: Starch digestion
Lab  58  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: Catalase production
Lab  59  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: DNA digestion
Lab  60  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: Hydrogen sulfate production
Lab  61  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: IMViC series
Lab  62  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: Urea digestion
Lab  63  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: Lipid digestion
Lab  64  Biochemical characteristics of bacteria: Casein digestion
Part  X  Bacterial Genetics 
Lab  65  Bacterial Genetics: Mutations and the Ames test – Gradient plate technique
Lab  66  Bacterial Genetics: Mutations and the Ames test – Mutagenic effect of ultraviolet light
Lab  67  Bacterial Genetics: Mutations and the Ames test – DNA repair
Lab  68  Bacterial Genetics: Mutations and the Ames test – The Ames test
Lab  69  Bacterial conjugation
Lab  70  Bacterial transformation
Part  XI  Immunology
Lab  71  Serology: Agglutination techniques and blood cell identification – Slide agglutination
Lab  72  Serology: Agglutination techniques and blood cell identification – Tube agglutination
Lab  73  Serology: Agglutination techniques and blood cell identification – Hemmagglutination: Determination of blood type
Lab  74  Serology: Agglutination techniques and blood cell identification – Blood smear
Lab  75  ELISA test
Part  XII  Public Health and Environmental Microbiology
Lab  76  A simulated epidemic: Microbial transmission via fomites
Lab  77  A microbial hunt
Lab  78  Transmission of microorganisms through toilet paper
Lab  79  Disinfection of Drinking Water
Lab  80  Microbiology of foods: Food preservation with salt and garlic
Lab  81  Microbiology of foods: Standard plate count of food products
Lab  82  Microbiology of foods: Fermentation of wine and beer
Lab  83  Microbiology of milk and dairy products: Standard plate count of milk
Lab  84  Microbiology of milk and dairy products: Coliform plate count of milk
Lab  85  Microbiology of milk and dairy products: Methylene blue reduction test
Lab  86  Microbiology of milk and dairy products: Preparation of cheese
Lab  87  Microbiology of milk and dairy products: Preparation of yogurt
Lab  88  Microbiology of milk and dairy products: The natural bacterial content of milk
Lab  89  Microbiology of water: Presumptive test by the MPN method
Lab  90  Microbiology of water: Confirmed test
Lab  91  Microbiology of water: Completed test
Lab  92  Microbiology of water: Membrane filter technique
Lab  93  Microbiology of water: Preparation of a biofilm
Lab  94  Microbiology of soil: Isolation of Rhizobium from legume roots
Lab  95  Microbiology of soil: Ammonification of soil microorganisms
Lab  96  Microbiology of soil: Isolation of Streptomyces from soil
Lab  97  Microbiology of soil: Antibiotic production by Streptomyces
Lab  98  Microbiology of soil: Plate count of soil bacteria
Lab  99  Microbiology of soil: Microbiology ecology in the soil – the Winogradsky column


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