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Levick's Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology

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ISBN: 9781498739849
Anul publicarii: 2018
Ediția: 6
Pagini: 448
Format: soft cover


A sound knowledge of cardiovascular physiology is fundamental to understanding cardiovascular disease, exercise performance and may other aspects of human physiology. Cardiovascular physiology is a major component of all undergraduate courses in physiology, biomedical science and medicine, and this popular introduction to the subject is intended primarily for these students. A key feature of this sixth edition is how state-of-the-art technology is applied to understanding cardiovascular function in health and disease. Thus the text is also well suited to graduate study programmes in medicine and physiological sciences.

Table of Contents

Overview of the Cardiovascular System. The Cardiac Cycle. The Cardiac Myocyte: Excitation and Contraction. Initiation and Nervous Control of Heartbeat. Electrocardiography and Arrhythmias. Control of Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output. Assessment of Cardiac Output and Peripheral Pulse. Hemodynamics: Flow, Pressure and Resistance. The Endothelial Cell. The Microcirculation and Solute Exchange. Circulation of Fluid Between Plasma, Interstitium and Lymph. Vascular Smooth Muscle: Excitation, Contraction and Relaxation. Control of Blood Vessels I. Intrinsic Control. Control of Blood Vessels II. Extrinsic Control By Nerves and Hormones. Specialization in Individual Circulations. Cardiovascular Receptors, Reflexes and Central Control. Coordinated Cardiovascular Responses. Cardiovascular Responses in Pathological Situations. Future Therapies.


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