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Liquid Biopsy New Challenges in the era of Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology

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Anul publicarii: 2021
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Liquid Biopsy: New Challenges in the era of Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology aims to describe links between cancer, precision oncology, and liquid biopsy, focusing on their participation to immunotherapy management.  The book provides updated information on the main applications of liquid biopsy and immunotherapy as well as interesting aspects useful for planning basic and translational research activities. It helps readers understand the central aspects of precision medicine in oncology, including the use of new generation technologies for translational and diagnostic settings and the main clinical trials in this area that may be useful during their research.

The book is a valuable source for cancer researchers, oncologists and other members of the medical and biomedical field who are interested in learning more about recent developments in liquid biopsy and its relationship with precision medicine and immunotherapy.

  • Presents a “highlights section” in every chapter to help readers summarize the main aspects discussed
  • Encompasses case reports to guide the reader on applying what they read in their clinical practice
  • Includes several tables and figures specially created for the book to illustrate the meaning of what is expressed in the text

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
    2. What is precision medicine in oncology?
    3. Immunology and cancer
    4. Liquid biopsy: a right tool in a right context?
    5. How does immunotherapy raise the bar in oncology?
    6. Liquid biopsy and immunotherapy: is all that glitters gold?
    7. Future perspectives
    8. Glossary
    9. References


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