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Logan's Illustrated Human Anatomy

Logan's Illustrated Human Anatomy
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ISBN: 9781498755306
Anul publicarii: 2016
Pagini: 230
Format: Book+ eBook


  • Superbly photographed cadaver sections showing realistic colour
  • Comprehensive collection of images covering all the body regions with standard views, while more unusual orientations offer greater detail and an alternative perspective
  • Key anatomical structures clearly numbered and listed with each image
  • Ideal as a ready-reference throughout anatomical studies and in exam revision, to be used alone or in conjunction with a standard anatomical text
  • Written by one of the world's leading prosectors


This concise illustrated volume presents a pictorial guide to human anatomy through the meticulous dissections of Bari Logan, assembled during his long career as a distinguished prosector, and representing an unrivalled collection of superb photographic images. Illustrations are fully labelled, and accompanied by brief clinical notes to provide additional guidance for the student. Material covering anatomical preparation and cadaver preservation, orientation and planes of section, the bones, muscles and cranial nerves and an extensive glossary provides supplemental detail. The book will be a convenient photographic companion to all core textbooks of anatomy and ideal during exam preparation.


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