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Lymph Stasis Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Lymph Stasis
Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment
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First published 1991. Lymph Stasis: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment provides a reintroduction to the lymphatic system and its primary disease-lymph stasis-to practitioners who treat patients with lymph stasis of the limbs. Topics discussed include an introduction to the lymphatic system in man, the structure of lymphatics and the mechanism of lymph formation based on animal and human studies, chemical and cellular composition of lymph in humans, pathological factors affecting lymph flow, treatment of lymphedema, and clinical studies on antibiotic penetration to tissue fluid and lymph. Angiologists, vascular surgeons, dermatologists, radiologists, and nuclear medicine specialists are among those physicians who will find a wealth of useful information in this book.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION. Lymphology and the Lymphatic System. STRUCTURE OF LYMPHATICS, LYMPH FORMATION AND FLOW. Structure of Initial and Collecting Lymphatic Vessels. Interstitial Edema-Preventing Mechanisms. Dynamics of Lymph Formation and Its Modification. Influence of Autonomic Nerves on Lymph Flow. Lymph Pressure and Flow in Limbs. Dermal Lymph and Lymphatics. Pulmonary Lymph and Lymphatics. Gastrointestinal Lymphatics. CHEMICAL AND CELLULAR COMPOSITION OF LYMPH. Chemistry of Lymph. Cells in Lymph. PATHOLOGICAL FACTORS AFFECTING LYMPH FLOW. Injury of Lymphatics. Lymphangitis. Lymph Stasis After Lymph Node Dissection. Lymphatic Spread of Cancer. Thoracic Duct: Conditions Affecting Function. Pathophysiology of Lymphatic Insufficiency and Principles of Treatment. CLINICAL PICTURE OF LYMPH STASIS IN LIMBS. Clinical Picture of Lymphedema. Histological and Ultrastructural Evaluation of the Crural Lymph Nodes in Primary Lymphedema of the Lower Limbs. Malformations of the Lymphatic System. DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES. Radionuclide Lymphography. Computerized Tomography, Xeroradiography, Lymphography and Xerolymphography in Diagnosis of Lymph Stasis. Indirect Lymphangiography. Volumetry of Limbs. Diagnosis of Lymphatic Invasion by Tumors. TREATMENT OF LYMPHEDEMA. Conservative Treatment of Lymphedema. Postmastectomy Lymphedema-Medical Therapy Using Intermittent Compression and a Pressure Gradient Prosthesis. Heating and Bandaging in the Treatment of Chronic Lymphedema of the Extremities. Pharmacological Treatment of Lymph Stasis. Surgical Lympho-Venous Anastomoses for Treatment of Lymphedema. A Technique of Lymphatic Vessel-Vein Anastomosis for the Treatment of Lymphedema of Limbs. Microsurgical Autologous Lymph-Vessel Grafting. The Autologous Vein Grafts in Reconstructive Microsurgery for Lymph Stasis. Drug Penetration to Peripheral Lymph in Man. Endolymphatic Therapy. Collection of Peripheral Lymph in Man.


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