Martindale The Complete Drug Reference
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Martindale The Complete Drug Reference

Martindale The Complete Drug Reference
Preț: 262,50 lei
1606,50 lei (-83,66%)
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ISBN: 9780853696872
Anul publicarii: 2006
Ediția: 35
Pagini: 3000


Lichidare de STOC. OFERTA este valida EXCLUSIV in limita stocului! Martindale provides reliable, unbiased and evaluated information on drugs and medicines used throughout the world - no other source has the breadth and depth of coverage. * Encyclopaedic facts about drugs and medicines o 5, 500 drug monographs o 128, 000 preparations o 40, 700 reference citations o 10, 900 manufacturers * Synopses of disease treatments * Enables identification of medicines, the local equivalent and the manufacturer * Includes herbals, diagnostic agents, radiopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical excipients, toxins, and poisons as well as drugs and medicines * Based on published information and extensively referenced New for the thirty-fifth edition * Now in 2 volumes * Chapters reorganised to better reflect the clinical use of drugs * International Nonproprietary Names now in English, French, Latin, Russian and Spanish * Increase in synonyms from Scandinavia, Baltic and Eastern European areas * Increased coverage of 'street names' for drugs and substances liable to abuse * Indication of drugs restricted or banned by sports authorities * Molecular structural formulae included for selected drugs * Coverage of proprietary preparations expanded to 36 countries, now including Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Venezuela From the reviews of previous editions 'Martindale in an immensely valuable book'All pharmacists should have access to this valuable resource'' The Pharmaceutical Journal 'Reliable, comprehensive and impeccably organised, this book'is still the ultimate reference in therapeutics' Cancer World 'Still the world reference on medical therapeutics.' la revue Prescrire


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In sfârșit am si eu un Martindale

Mi-l doream de 10 ani, dar prețul ma îndepărta. Acum ca il am , il recomand in orice biblioteca din farmacie. Nu cred ca informațiile s-au schimbat foarte mult.
Este un tratat exceptional, complimentat cu noutatile din domeniu. O investitie ce merita cu siguranta!


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