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Mastering Healthcare Terminology

Mastering Healthcare Terminology
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Master the terminology you need to communicate clearly and confidently in the healthcare setting! Using small learning segments or "chunks," Mastering Healthcare Terminology, 7th Edition makes it easy to learn medical terms and definitions. Concepts and terms are immediately followed by exercises to reinforce and assess your understanding. Organizing terminology by body system, the book covers prefixes, suffixes, and word roots, and realistic case studies help you apply your knowledge to practice. Special boxes help you avoid terminology pitfalls. Written by respected educator Betsy Shiland, this book includes an Evolve website with medical animations, flash cards, quizzes, word games, and more.

New to this edition

  • NEW! Point of Interest boxes offer a complete picture of selected diseases and procedures.
  • NEW gradable activities are added to the Evolve website for this edition.
  • NEW terms and photos keep you up to date with advances in healthcare.

Key Features

  • Frequent word part and word building exercises reinforce your understanding with immediate opportunities for practice and review.
  • Pathology and diagnostic terminology tables summarize the phonetic pronunciation of terms, word origin, and definitions.
  • Case studies provide an opportunity to see terminology in use.
  • Be Careful boxes remind you of potentially confusing look-alike or sound-alike word parts and terms.
  • Age Matters boxes highlight important concepts and terminology for both pediatric and geriatric patients.
  • Labeling exercises and hundreds of illustrations help you learn anatomy and the accompanying combining forms.
  • Focus On boxes put it all together by highlighting a disorder or procedure that uses the medical terminology presented throughout the chapter.
  • Coverage of electronic medical records prepares you for using EHR in the healthcare setting.
  • Evolve website includes medical animations, electronic flash cards, quizzes, and word games such as Tournament of TerminologyMedical Millionaire, and Match the Word Part.


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