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Mayo Clinic Neurology Board Review

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The leading board review and recertification study guide, now thoroughly updated.

Mayo Clinic Neurology Board Review, Second Edition is designed to assist both physicians-in-training who are preparing for the initial American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) certification examination and neurologists who are preparing for recertification. Trainees and other physicians in related specialties such as psychiatry, neurosurgery, or physiatry may also find this book useful for review or in preparation for their own certification examinations.

This essential guide continues to provide core knowledge of both basic and clinical aspects of neurology It is divided into 16 subspecialty sections, each with Questions and Answers written in the style of the ABPN exam. All chapters have been extensively reviewed to ensure that they reflect the current standard of care, maintain a focus on exam preparation, and identify and highlight key pieces of information without being verbose. The emphasis is placed on clinical knowledge related to diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to patient management.

The new edition is up to date and comprehensive, eliminating the need for multiple resources.

Key features include:
-Streamlined content to facilitate board preparation
-Extensive illustrations, radiologic images, and pathologic images
-High-yield facts in each chapter for quick review
-Question bank of 466 questions with answer pairs to assess knowledge
-Focused boxes and tables for quick review


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