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McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Volume 1-20

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Volume 1-20
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ISBN: 9780071792738
Anul publicarii: 2013
Ediția: 11
Pagini: 15600
Format: 20 volumes


From acoustics to zoology, the bestselling, authoritative encyclopedia that brings the latest in science and technology to students

Celebrating more than 50 years of bringing knowledge to readers at all levels of study, the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 11th Edition provides need-to-know information in the major disciplines of science and technology.

All entries are commissioned from leading authorities in their fields; each is technically reviewed, signed, edited, illustrated, and produced to the highest standards for ease of access and comprehension. The text is accompanied by 13,000 two-color illustrations and 100 full-color plates throughout. A dedicated index volume provides you with easy access to information through subject and author indexes and study and topical guides.
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 11th Edition is a major revision, with 2,500 new and thoroughly revised entries, and updates on more than 7,000 entries. Coverage spans the hottest fields of science and technology, including
Cell, developmental, and molecular biology, with articles on stem cell technology, new insights into RNA functions
Chemistry, including updates on the newest elements and analytical technology
Climate science and meteorology, with full background on climate change research
Cloud computing, data warehousing, computer security among many other areas of information technology
Cosmology, including coverage of dark matter, dark energy, and advances in the study of the age and shape of the universe
Environmental science, with the latest on environmental conservation, and novel energy sources
Engineering--civil, chemical, electrical, environmental, mechanical, metallurgical, and other areas extensively updated
Plant sciences and agriculture


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