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McKnight's Physical Geography A Landscape Appreciation

McKnight's Physical Geography A Landscape Appreciation
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ISBN: 9780321701725
Publishing Year: 2010
Pages: 624


This classic best-seller helps give you a solid understanding of Earth and its physical geography. Its clear writing style, superior art program, and other learning aids appeal to students in many majors. This edition includes thoroughly updated content and introduces renowned illustrator Dennis Tasa—yet it maintains the proven approach first presented by respected authority Tom L. McKnight more than 20 years ago.

1. Introduction to Earth

2. Portraying Earth

3. Introduction to the Atmosphere

4. Insolation and Temperature

5. Atmospheric Pressure and Wind

6. Atmospheric Moisture

7. Atmospheric Disturbances

8. Climate and Climate Change

9. The Hydrosphere

10. Cycles and Patterns in the Biosphere

11. Terrestrial Flora and Fauna

12. Soils

13. Introduction to Landform Study

14. The Internal Processes

15. Preliminaries to Erosion: Weathering and Mass Wasting

16. Fluvial Processes

17. Solution Processes and Karst Topography

18. The Topography of Arid Lands

19. Glacial Modification of Terrain

20. Coastal Processes and Terrain


* Unique landscape appreciation approach and clear presentation of concepts make this hallmark classic text engaging and easily accessible to students of all backgrounds.
* An excellent new cartographic and illustration program by renowned geoscience Illustrator Dennis Tasa provides:
o Hundreds of maps with shaded relief where appropriate
o Line art with numerous multi-part illustrations that capture sequence and evolution to help students understand various processes
o Major photos paired with locator maps to enhance geographic literacy.
* Global environmental change is integrated and discussed extensively throughout the book.
* Geoscience Animation Library Icons integrated throughout the chapters encourage students to logon to to access these interactive visualizations and test their understanding with associated assessment quizzes.
* Review questions with embedded key terms are found in every chapter.
* Access to Premium Website is included in each new copy of the book. There you will find:
o An eText version of the book with integrated media
o Geoscience Animation Library with assignable assessments
o Earth Report Geography Videos
o Quizzes and Problems mapped closely to the book to aid assessment goals
o RSS Feeds
o Class Manager and GradeTracker Gradebook


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