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Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
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ISBN: 9780702071676
Anul publicarii: 2017
Ediția: 5
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Medical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, now in its fifth edition, offers medical students all they need to know to become safe and effective prescribers. It forms a complete, integrated resource for basic pharmaceutical science, pathophysiology, clinical pharmacology, and therapeutics.

Key Features

 The fifth edition has been extensively revised and updated throughout. Key features include:

  • Clear, disease-based approach.
  • Presentation of how drugs are used in clinical practice.
  • Succinct explanations of the major pathogenic mechanisms of each disease and consequent clinical signs and symptoms.
  • Comprehensive reviews of major drug classes relevant to each disease.
  • Structured approach to the principles of disease management - outlining core principles of drug choice and planning a therapeutic regimen for common diseases.
  • Quick-reference drug compendia illustrating key similarities and differences among all BNF-listed drugs in each class.

New to this Edition
  •  Comes with free e-book on StudentConsult.
  • New sections on key and evolving topics, including prescribing safety and pharmacovigilance.
  • Updated figures to further clarify complex areas.
  • Over 800 revised multiple-choice and case-based questions for self-assessment. 


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