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Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

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Anul publicarii: 2019


Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering provides broad coverage appropriate for senior undergraduates and graduates in medical physics and biomedical engineering. Divided into two parts, the first part presents the underlying physics, electronics, anatomy, and physiology and the second part addresses practical applications. The structured approach means that later chapters build and broaden the material introduced in the opening chapters; for example, students can read chapters covering the introductory science of an area and then study the practical application of the topic. Coverage includes biomechanics; ionizing and nonionizing radiation and measurements; image formation techniques, processing, and analysis; safety issues; biomedical devices; mathematical and statistical techniques; physiological signals and responses; and respiratory and cardiovascular function and measurement. Where necessary, the authors provide references to the mathematical background and keep detailed derivations to a minimum. They give comprehensive references to junior undergraduate texts in physics, electronics, and life sciences in the bibliographies at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents

1. Biomechanics 2. Biofluid Mechanics 3. Physics of the Senses 4. Biocompatilibity and Tissue Damage 5. Ionising Radiation Dose and Exposure- Measurements, Standards and Protection 6. Radioisotopes and Nuclear Medicine 7. Ultrasound 8. Nonionising Electromagnetic Radiation- Tissue Absorption and Safety Issues 9. Gaining Access to Physiological Signals 10. Evoked Responses 11. Image Formation 12. Image Production 13. Mathematical and Statistical Techniques 14. Image Processing and Analysis 15. Audiology 16. Electrophysiology 17. Respiratory Function 18. Pressure Measurement 19. Blood Flow Measurement 20. Biomechanical Measurements 21. Ionising Radiation- Radiotherapy 22. Safety Critical Systems and Engineering Design- Cardiac and Blood Related Devices


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