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Meyler's Side Effects of Herbal Medicines

Meyler's Side Effects of Herbal Medicines
ISBN: 978-0-444-53269-5
Anul publicarii: 2009
Ediția: 1
Pagini: 320
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* Surpasses the Physician’s Desk Reference © by including clinical case studies and independent expert analysis * Complete index of drug names * Most complete cross referencing of drug-drug interactions available The book is divided into three separate sections: * Family – Each monograph is organized under a family of plants. For example Liliaceae. * Genera – The various genera that are included under the family name are tabulated. For example the family Liliaceae contains 94 genera. * Species – In each monograph, some species are dealt with separately. For example, in Liliaceae, four species are included under their Latin names and major common names Each monograph includes the following information in varying amounts: * Alternative common names * Active ingredients * Uses – both traditional and modern * Adverse effects * Referencese Drug names have usually been designated by their recommended or proposed International Non-proprietary Names (rINN or pINN); when those are not available, clinical names have been used. In some cases, brand names have been used.


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