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Microbiology: Basic and Clinical Principles Plus Mastering Microbiology with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package

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ISBN: 9780321929631
Anul publicarii: 2019


For pre-nursing and allied health students (including mixed-majors courses).

This package includes Mastering Microbiology.


Building tomorrow’s healthcare leaders


Lourdes Norman-McKay wrote Microbiology: Basic and Clinical Principles to equip tomorrow’s allied health professionals with necessary critical thinking skills. In the first and only introductory microbiology text developed from the ground up for allied health professionals, Norman-McKay teaches not only the fundamentals of microbiology, but also how to apply critical thinking to real-world healthcare scenarios.


The author introduces her unique “S. M. A. R. T.” problem-solving framework (Summarize known and unknown, Make connections, Avoid distractors, Read and re-read, Thoroughly answer) that helps students tackle clinical cases online and throughout the book. This textbook is the first on the market written to align with the American Society of Microbiology’s Allied Health Learning Outcomes, featuring NCLEX/HESI/TEAS-style questions and emphasizing topics that are medically relevant. The author’s conversational writing style employs accessible analogies and humor to engage students in their reading, while the artwork incorporates new research-based learning design principles to focus learners on what is truly important.   


Online videos of clinical cases, tutorials, and animations coach students through tough concepts in Mastering™ Microbiology, complementing Microbiology: Basic and Clinical Principles and helping students think clinically and critically.


Reach every student by pairing this text with Mastering Microbiology

Mastering is the teaching and learning platform that empowers you to reach every student. By combining trusted author content with digital tools developed to engage students and emulate the office-hour experience, Mastering personalizes learning and improves results for each student. An expanded, robust Mastering Microbiology program works with the text to provide an interactive and personalized learning experience that ensures students learn microbiology both in and out of the classroom.

Table of contents


1. Introduction to Microbiology

2. Biochemistry Basics

3. Introduction to Prokaryotic Cells

4. Introduction to Eukaryotic Cells

5. Genetics

6. Viruses and Prions

7.  Fundamentals of Microbial Growth

8. Microbial Metabolism

9. Principles of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology

10. Host-Microbe Interactions and Pathogenesis

11. Innate Immunity

12. Adaptive Immunity

13. Immune System Disorders

14. Vaccines and Biotechnology-Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics

15. Antimicrobial Drugs

16. Respiratory System Infections

17. Skin and Eye Infections

18. Nervous System Infections

19. Digestive System Infections

20. Urinary and Reproductive System Infections

21. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Infections


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